Record Number of High School Pupils at the Preliminary Matriculation Exam for Admission to the UNWE

Sunday, 07 April 2024 16:25

For the second consecutive year the UNWE and MARE Training Center are partners in conducting a preliminary exam in the format of the State Matriculation Examination in Bulgarian Language and Literature for admission to the UNWE. This initiative is within the framework of an agreement signed between the Rector of UNWE Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrov and Dr. Vesela Krasteva, Head of MARE Training Center for the preparation of prospective students.

The exam was attended by 365 students both from the MARE Training Center and enrolled through the website of UNWE, with a desire to apply to our university because the score of this test matriculation exam is valid for the entrance exam at the university.

"Welcome to our university! The UNWE has 104 years of history and traditions in education, but it is a modern university, a leader in digitalization with modern and innovative specialties", addressed to the secondary school pupils the Vice-Rector for Educational Activity Prof. Dr. Matilda Alexandrova and emphasized: "Our students have many advantages, one of the most significant is the opportunity to study at 9 universities during their studies, because the UNWE is part of the elite university network ENGAGE.EU in partnership with eight leading European economic universities from Germany, Italy, Norway, the Netherlands, France, Austria, Spain and Finland.”

Prof. Dr. Matilda Alexandrova pointed out that the UNWE has modern equipped auditoriums, 12 student dormitories with 5100 places, with all conditions for learning and living and added that in addition to the good learning environment, the students have excellent opportunities for sports at Bonsist Sports Complex and those who wish to perform can participate in the representative teams of UNWE.

Dr. Ekaterina Deliverska, Director of Educational Activity Directorate, and Dr. Vesela Krasteva, Head of MARE Training Center, instructed the participants how the exam will be conducted in compliance with all the rules for the State Matriculation Examination in Bulgarian Language and Literature. An organization with quaestors from the Educational Activity Directorate was set up to strictly observe the rules. Among the representatives of UNWE was Assoc. Prof. Dr. Antonia Pencheva, Head of the Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics Department, who will have the task to check and certify the validity of the exam papers.

Dr. Ekaterina Deliverska, Prof. Dr. Matilda Alexandrova, Dr. Vesela Krasteva, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Antonia Pencheva, Desislava Tsankova from MARE Training Center /from the left to the right/

Before the start of the exam lecturers from the University introduced the secondary school pupils to the conditions provided by the UNWE. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivaylo Beev, Head of the Economics Department, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zornitsa Yordanova, lecturer at the Industrial Business Department and Assist. Dr. Neda Mujo, lecturer at the Economics Department, talked about the advantages of the University and introduced the secondary school pupils to the professional directions and specialties offered by the UNWE. They emphasized the partnership with the business, which provides opportunities for internships and good jobs.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivaylo Beev     Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zornitsa Yordanova Assist. Dr. Neda Mujo

The Prospective students had the opportunity to test their knowledge on the exam questions organized in three modules. These included multiple-choice, short free-response, extended free-response and text production tasks. Diana Zagorska, a student from the National School of Finance and Economics /in the picture below/ drew the exam topic Option 2 out of 3 possible.

The Path to Self-Knowledge /essay/

From Complexity to Simplicity /interpretive essay on the poem Prayer by Atanas Dalchev/


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