7 Students from the UNWE Won a Scholarship from Discordia

Wednesday, 13 December 2023 17:40

7 students from the UNWE won an annual scholarship of 2000 BGN from Discordia, one of the largest Bulgarian transport and logistics companies. 7 scholarships are provided for the University for the academic year 2023/2024 - 2 scholarships for the Economics of Transport and Energy Department, 2 scholarships for the Logistics and Supply Chains Department and the other 3 scholarships - for the other Departments. Applicants with the highest score in the respective categories are Kaloyan Todorov and Teodor Gaytansky from the Economics of Transport and Energy Department as well as Emil Mollov and Teresa Micheva from the Logistics and Supply Chains Department. The other students who won the company's scholarship are Dobry Dobrev and Ivelina Petkova from the Interntaional Economic Relations and Business Department and Persiana Gerasimova from the Accountancy and Analysis Department.

The scholarship selection process included an essay on determined topic, as well as an individual interview with representatives of the company`s Human Resources Department. For the formation of the final ranking the students grades from the last two semesters were also taken into account.

During the awarding ceremony Mr. Jean Weitlingham, Director of Human Resources Department at Discordia, greeted the students who took part in the challenge of the first competition opened to all UNWE students. He pointed out that the partnership with the University is very important and drew attention to the company's long-standing collaboration with both Departments - the Economics of Transport and Energy Department and Logistics and Supply Chains Department. "As of this year, we have expanded our partnership with the other Departments of the University. I am very happy that there were representatives of 10 Departments in this scholarship competition. We, as a Bulgarian employer, would like to provide an opportunity for students in the country to know about the provided opportunities and to make a motivated choice to start their career even during their studies." Discordia provides opportunities for young people in Bulgaria to continue their development in the country." He expressed thankfulness to the UNWE for the partnership, which, on one hand, allows the university to bring the knowledge closer to real-world business and its experience, and on the other hand, allows Discordia to show the business aspect of the process."The current scholarship applicants competed with other 20 candidates. The scholarship does not bind them to the company. They only have rights and if they wish, they can participate in the internship programmes, in the Open Doors Days, in open lectures and other initiatives of the company." He clarified that the scholarships will be received in two installments for the current and next semester.

"I am glad that our students have made a good impression on you", said Assoc. Prof. Dr. Svetla Boneva, Dean of the International Economics and Politics Faculty. She expressed her gratitude that the initiative is now open to all Departments and wished success to the cooperation between the UNWE and Discordia.

Prof. Dr. Snezhana Basheva, Head of the Accountancy and Analysis Department, greeted the students for having managed to won and become part of the family of this prominent company. "I believe that it is a career opportunity at one of the best companies. I am impressed by the words of the founder and CEO of Discordia Mr. Hristo Hristov who says that for your company to be successful you have to be open, honest and always keep your word. I believe that after this opportunity our students will become even more open, honest, creative and critical of themselves - qualities that will be useful for them in their lives. We are proud of you. I would also like to express thankfulness to Discordia for the recognition of our university and I think this collaboration is very beneficial for both parties."

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alexander Hristov, Vice Dean for Quality and International Cooperation of the International Economics and Politics Faculty, greeted all who participated in the competition. He also greeted the company and wished: "Go only forward and more faster forward."

"It is a great joy for us that for the second time we have the opportunity to participate in this initiative", said Chief Assist. Dr. Petya Fileva from the Logistics and Supply Chains Department. She gave feedback from the students who won the scholarship last year, pointing out that they were extremely contented with the opportunities provided to them and wished the collaboration to continue in the future.

Prof. Dr. Violeta Mutafchieva from the Economics of Transport and Energy Department expressed her contentment with the good communication between the company and the students and pointed out that Prof. Dr. Hristina Nikolova, Head of the Department, and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Borislav Arnaudov, Scientific Secretary, have a great contribution to this good cooperation. "I hope in the future many of our students will work in your company."

"I am very happy that Discordia has the opportunity to work through these programmes with young people", emphasized Mrs. Kristina Shtereva, Marketing Director, and pointed out that the company's doors are always open to them. "With us you could receive the development offered in the big European countries. We try to enforce standards, to evolve, to upgrade and to be a good example both as an employer and as a business for other partners, even for competitors. You can always get to know what we offer through an internship and if you like it, you can continue working with us."

The scholarships received by the UNWE students for the second year are a continuation of the Memorandum of Cooperation signed by the UNWE and Discordia 2 years ago.

Kaloyan Todorov and Teodor Gaytansky from the Economics of Transport and Energy Department 

Teresa Micheva and Emil Mollov from the Logistics and Supply Chains Department 

            Ivelina Petkova and Dobry Dobrev from the International Economics Relations and Business Department 

Persiana Gerasimova from the Accountancy and Analysis Department 

As part of the Memorandum Mr. Hristo Hristov, founder and CEO of Discordia, delivered two lectures to the students of UNWE. In a previous interview, he said that over the past 5 years 172 people graduated from UNWE have been hired, which is 40% of all appointments in the company during that period.

Discordia has more than 2 500 employees as well as 1 600 vehicles, 4 000 customers and 412 million revenue for 2022. The company developes business in more than 70 countries, 38 of them in Europe, and it constantly expands its global coverage. It has offices in Bulgaria, Ukraine and Romania. "Discordia has a high reputation and has earned the trust of thousands of partners and customers according to an international NPS study in 2022.


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