Prof. Dr. Silvia Trifonova is the New Secretary of the National Statistical Council

Thursday, 14 December 2023 14:05

Prof. Dr. Silvia Trifonova was elected as Secretary of the National Statistical Council /NSC/ by the Council members. She was accepted as a new member of the NSC in September of the current year.

Prof. Dr. Silvia Trifonova is the Vice-Dean for Quality and International Cooperation of the Finance and Accountancy Faculty. She is a graduate of UNWE and has been a lecturer at the Finance Department since 2002.

Prof. Dr. Silvia Trifonova is the author of numerous publications and research papers, including Comparative Study of the Investment Flows in Bulgaria before and after the Crisis /2015/, Business Environment in Bulgaria: The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis /2015/, Key Trends in Foreign Direct Investments in Bulgaria during the Period 2005-2014 /2016/, Liquidity Risk Assessment of Banks in Bulgaria by Applying the Bivariate Copula Method /2013/, Trends and Issues in Online Banking Security in Bulgaria /2013/, Foreign Investments through the Eyes of Bulgarian Business /2014/, New Aspects of Payment Flow with Transfer Orders and Settlement Requests in the Real-time Gross Settlement System (RINGS) /2011/, etc.

Her research interests include international finance, banking, bank risk management, monetary theory and policy, payment and settlement systems, European economic integration, international financial organizations, and financial markets.

The National Statistical Council is a consultative body to the President of the National Statistical Institute. The Council assists the President of the NSI and has the following functions and tasks:

  • The NSC gives statements and recommendations on the National Statistical System Development Strategy every 5 years, discusses the proposals of the statistical bodies and gives recommendations for incorporating specific statistical surveys defined by type, scope, and contractors in the National Statistical Programme project.
  • The Council supports the National Statistical System activities on the implementation of the National Statistical Programme and establishes, if necessary, permanent or temporary working groups on specific statistical issues according to its competences.
  • The NSC cooperates with the European Statistical Advisory Committee /according to Article 3/4/ of Decision No.234/2008 /OJEU of the European Parliament and Council/.


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