UNWE Won A European Project for Distance Learning Development

Monday, 15 October 2012 16:25

We set ourselves bold tasks which we have the ambition to realize. At the UNWE there is a Center for Distance Learning since 1996 and we hope to develop completely this form of education by the project we have won. These were the words of Prof. Veselka Pavlova, Vice-Rector on Education in Educational Qualification Degree of Master and Distance Learning when the Prime Minister Boyko Borisov gave her the Contract for Grant at the amount of 777 000 BGN on the Human Resources Development Operative Programme for electronic forms of distance learning development. 

The Prime Minister is giving the Contract to Veselka Pavlova.

The Minister of Education, Youth and Science Prof. Sergey Ignatov announced that more than 20 000 000 BGN are provided for European scholarships of students. The Minister of Labour and Social Politics Totio Mladenov outlined that the distance learning was an opportunity for more people to acquire higher education.

In the present academic year at the UNWE were admitted the first 300 Bachelors in distance form of education.

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