Trajectories of Development in Transition Economics after The Fall of The Berlin Wall Presented Assoc. Prof. Pasquale Tridico from Italy

Monday, 01 October 2012 15:00

At the Scientific Councils Hall was presented the book by Assoc. Prof. Pasquale Tridico from Italy. The presentation of the book Institutions, Human Development and Economic Growth in Transition Economies, issued in 2011 by the Palgrave Publishing House was organized by the Finance Department of UNWE.

In his exposition to students and lecturers on the Trajectories of Development in Transition Economics after the Fall of the Berlin Wall Assoc. Prof. Tridico presented the situation in the former communist countries, the transition from planned to market economy, the social economic model in the development of Europe. He made a comparison of the 20 years period (till 2009) and outlined distinctions by concrete data. For example, in Poland since the beginning of transition in 1989, the GDP has increased by 70% for two decades. A lot more effective has been the transition in China where the GDP has increased almost by 300% for the same period of time. The lecturer examined also the social and political issues in the former communist countries including Bulgaria. 

Pasquale Tridico His book

Assoc. Prof. Pasquale Tridico reads lectures on European Economics at the Rome University La Sapienza as well as Economics of Labour and Macroeconomics at the Rome Tre University. He is a specialist on Transition Economies, he has been a scholarship participant in Marie Curie Programme at the Sussex University in England as well as in Warsaw University. He also has worked at the Trinity College in Dublin, at the universities in New Castle and Lanchester, he has been a guest researcher at the University of California, Los Angeles. In 2011 he has been also a Fulbright scholarship participant at the University of New York.

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