Camila Turco, MSc: Studying at the UNWE is an Unforgettable and Valuable Experience

Thursday, 27 July 2023 14:36

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Camila Turco is 30 years old. She graduated from the Dual Master’s Programme in International Business taught in English between the University of International Studies in Rome, Italy /UNINT/ and the UNWE, International Economic Relations and Business Department. Here's what she says about her "fantastic one-year experience in Sofia and UNWE".

Camila Turco with her diploma from the UNWE

"I decided to enroll at the University of Rome /UNINT/ because of the opportunity to spend a year abroad and obtain a second educational degree", says Camila Turco. "I chose Sofia, even though I have never been there or thought about visiting it. What can I say? It was a wonderful discovery. It was a year of ups and downs, difficult at times, but also full of emotions, discoveries, victories and personal contentment. I met fantastic people and got to know a fascinating culture that is different from my own /the cultural enrichment is another reason to study abroad/. I learned to love the snow. /If you're wondering - no, it doesn't snow in Rome!/ My Bulgarian colleagues at the University were always shocked by the many layers of clothing I wore to protect myself from the cold. To sum up, it was an amazing experience that I can only recommend to all students. When you are in an unfamiliar place, far away from your comfort zone, you have no choice but to learn how to deal with the unexpected situations. In such circumstances you have to stand up and solve any problems you face up. Although you may feel quite uncomfortable and frustrated at times, you will gain more confidence and get to know yourself better. Such an experience can help you understand what you want to do in the future and teach you not to give up at the first hurdle."

"Studying abroad is great for your CV: it gives you a better chance of getting the job you want", continues Camilla. "If you look for a job in a bigger company, the cultural experience is always an advantage. Many companies would like to know that you are an open-minded team player who knows how to adapt and is excellent at problem solving."

"I know the above mentioned from experience: I returned to Rome in July 2019 and in September I had already started an internship at the Italian Trade and Investment Agency. Today I work in a bank and I feel pleased with my career. Looking back on my studies, I would certainly choose Sofia again and again. So go, find out for yourself and you won't regret!"

"Studying at another university was far from easy - it was challenging! In Italy there is a huge focus on the theoretical learning with little group work and space for discussion. At the UNWE, the latter came as a welcome change: especially in a world of work that increasingly requires the use of Power Point, Excel, public speaking skills and teamwork."

"The other difference was the timetable: the classes in Italian universities are only held in the morning and the latest time is in the afternoon. Here, the classes start in the late afternoon so students can work, which I find great! I have very fond memories of the courses and my fellow students, all the lecturers and employees assisted us when there were any problems."

"Studying at the UNWE was an unforgettable and valuable experience! Don't miss it!", concludes Camilla Turco.

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