21 July is the Deadline for Enrollment after the Second Ranking

Wednesday, 19 July 2023 11:30

Only two more days are left for the enrolment after the second ranking of the applicants in the Educational Qualification Degree of Bachelor and Master – speciality Law after secondary education.

On 25 July a third ranking will be announced. In it will be allocated only the unfilled places. The enrolment of the ranked applicants will be in the period 26 - 28 July.

The ranked applicants can enroll in the speciality they have been admitted or wait for the results of the third ranking. If they wish to study in the desired specialty but their place in the reserves does not pleased them, the paid form of study is an option. It is enough to submit the appropriate application to be enrolled.

The enrolment is done online or onsite at the Students – Bachelor`s Degree Division.

The enrolment process has been facilitated and digitized. Every prospective student receives an automatic message from the university's software platform whether he/she has been admitted or that he/she can proceed to a third ranking.

The UNWE provides an accessible environment for its students. Currently, 153 students with disabilities, including special needs, study at our university. Stanislav Parushev, who is visually impaired, have chosen the speciality Insurance and Social Work and has already enrolled with the help of the Director of the Inter-University Center for Career Development Atanas Dimitrov /on the right/.

All who have difficulties with the enrolment could seek assistance through our Centre for Prospective Students Requests – phone: +359 2 905 29 99 or e-mail: [email protected].


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