The Higher Education Budget and Dormitory Renovations - Topic of the Meeting between the NRSC and the Rector of the UNWE

Friday, 16 June 2023 21:20

The Chairman of the National Representation of Student Councils /NRSC/ Mr. Daniel Parushev met with Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrov, Rector of UNWE and Secretary General of the Council of Rectors in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Mr. Parushev awarded to the Rector a Diploma for contribution to the realization of the National Student Conference on the Economic Prospects and Challenges for the Eurozone and Bulgaria organized by the NRSC in partnership with Dimitar A. Cenov Academy of Economics – Svishtov, Economic University – Varna and UNWE

The Chairman of the NRSC was accompanied by the members of the Executive Board and the Chairman of the Student Council of UNWE Mr. Ilian Chabukliysky.

Preslava Petranova, National Academy of Arts, Mr. Daniel Parushev, Yoana Yosifova from the New Bulgarian University, Nora Angelova from Chemical Technological and Metallurgical University, Simona Mihailova, representative of International Higher Business School, Ilian Chabukliysky, Chairman of the Student Council of UNWE and Angel Stoykov from the UNWE, NRSC Advisor on Social and Welfare Issues of  Students 

During the meeting the good cooperation of the NRSC with the University of National and World Economy and the Council of Rectors was highlighted.

The representatives of NRSC raised important issues of higher education and through Prof. Dimitrov appointed a meeting between the NRSC and the Council of Rectors. It was also discussed the cooperation regarding not only the common initiatives as the recently held Conference but also the preparation of common statements and opinions in relation to the state of higher education.

"All higher education institutions are faced to huge problems in relation to the lack of an adopted national budget. The numbers of students for admission under the state order, the amount of salaries, scholarships, the renovation of dormitories and in general the amount of money for all expenses are not clear. There is a need for a comprehensive policy that takes into account all activities and aspects of the development of higher education but not an increase in the budget for some activities at the expense of others", said the Rector of UNWE and his opinion found support from all attendees.

Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrov

"We insist that the education budget for 2024 should be 1% of GDP not only 0.4% as it is now", said Mr. Daniel Parushev and exposed the detailed statement of the NRSU for increasing the budget expences in different areas for the demands of higher education.

Mr. Daniel Parushev

The issues of dormitory renovations, scholarships for undergraduates and Doctoral students, salaries in the field of higher education, the necessity to increase the funds for scientific activities were discussed. Each member of the NRSU Board presented the situation in his/her educational institution and the UNWE was given as an example in the implementation of the dormitory renovations because other universities had failed and had to return the state subsidy.

On behalf of UNWE the meeting was attended by the Vice-Rector for Educational Activities Prof. Dr. Matilda Alexandrova, the Vice-Rector for Institutional and Business Cooperation and Student Policies Prof. Dr. Tsvetana Stoyanova and the Director of the Rector's Office Gergana Kirilova /from the right to the left/.

The participants in the meeting agreed on the decision to prepare a joint statement on the issues of higher education and to present it to the Ministry of Education and Science and to the Ministry of Finance.

The Rector awarded gifts branded with the UNWE logo to Mr. Daniel Parushev and to the guests.


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