3rd National Doctoral Conference in Sociology

Friday, 26 May 2023 15:42

The Economic Sociology Department hosted the 3rd National Doctoral Conference in Sociology organized jointly with St. Climent Ohridsky University of Sofia, the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Neofit Rilsky Southwestern University, New Bulgarian University, Paisii Hilendarsky University of Plovdiv and the Bulgarian Sociological Association.

Prof. Georgy Petrunov, Assoc. Prof. Michail Musov and Assoc. Prof. Michaela Mischeva /from the left to the right/

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Michail Musov, Vice-Rector for Research and International Affairs, opened the Conference on behalf of the Rector of UNWE Prof. Dimitar Dimitrov and emphasized on the activities that the University undertakes for development of its Doctoral students: "As part of the Rector`s mandate programme, we have introduced entirely new curricula for all Doctoral programmes which were very highly rated over the accreditation process in our University. The Doctoral students are mandatory participants in all university projects. Additionally, we created a special type of projects designed for young scientists. Manuscripts of Doctoral students are accepted in all our scientific journals. There are also great opportunities within our European university ENGAGE.EU - shared courses for Doctoral students, seminars, conferences as well as our own platform for scientific collaboration and sharing research ideas. Such opportunities have never existed before".

He outlined that it was the first event of the 104th year of the University and described it as significant - the first event to be dedicated to the future talents of the academic community, the spirit of the next generation of lecturers and researchers.

"I would like to thank Assoc. Prof. Misheva for the initiative to organize the Forum which involved Doctoral students from five universities and two institutions.  The young scientists have the opportunity to exchange thoughts, to develop their theses, to unite in a research community. This Forum helps not only to strengthen the inter-institutional cooperation but also to develop the science in the field of sociology, to explore the contemporary and historical contours of social reality. It has become a representative forum and the papers will be published in a collection indexed in CEEOL", said Assoc. Prof. Musov.

Assoc. Prof. Michaela Mischeva from the Economic Sociology Department, member of the Scientific Organizing Board, pointed out the importance of the format of the Conference in which each Doctoral student has a discussant on the topic which allows a broad discussion necessary for the development of scientific research.

The Conference admitted to be presented 10 papers by Doctoral students and PhD in Sociology who defended in 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 whose Doctoral dissertations include conducting an empirical research with qualitative and/or quantitative methods and which met the previously announced requirements.

Doctoral student Michaela Monova from St. Climent Ohridsky University of Sofia won the prize for an early-stage PhD student with his presentation on the Medical Profession Trapped in Bureaucratic 'Freedom': Professional Autonomy, Construction of Vocation and Recognition.

Assoc. Prof. Michaela Misheva is awarding the prize to Michaela Monova

Doctoral student Emil Georgiev from the Economic Sociology Department won the award for PhD student in advanced stage of training with his presentation on the Organizational Factors for Araising of Labour Role Conflict in the Enterprise.

 Prof. D.Sc. /Soc./ Vasil Kirov is awarding the prize to Emil Georgiev

The major financing for the event is by a university project

for funding of Scientific Forum SF17 / 2023 of UNWE.


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