The New Website of the Law Faculty Is Focused on Scientific Publications

Tuesday, 23 May 2023 19:20

The Law Faculty presented its new website, designed by the Information Technology Directorate and a team from the Faculty.

The Rector Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrov opened the event by praising the efforts of the team of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rosen Kirilov, Vice Rector for Digitalization and Cybersecurity, the Information Technology Directorat, as well as the good project of the Law Faculty to realize such rich informative and modern website. "The current generation is digital, they inform themselves via phone, submit documents and pay online and this website is for them - easier to find information, learn and develop. Everything is done for our students to be facilitate their work", said the Rector of the UNWE”, said the Rector of UNWE.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zahary Tormanov, Dean of the Law Faculty, the Rector Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrov and the Vice Rectors Prof. Dr. Tsvetana Stoyanova and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rosen Kirilov /from the right to the left/

"The quality education at the Law Faculty has not accidentally led to the result that the specialty Law has been No.1 in the recent years at the UNWE", said the Vice-Rector for Digitalization and Cybersecurity Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rosen Kirilov. He said that in the recent years many sub-websites of Centers and Institutes at the UNWE have been modernized but it remains the problem of updating the sub-websites of Department because they are maintained on a voluntary basis.

Prof. Dr. Tsvetana Stoyanova, Vice-Rector for Institutional and Business Cooperation and Student Policies, welcomed the good work on the development of the website and advised the other Faculties and Departments to follow the example of the Law Faculty and to make their websites understandable and accessible to all students and lecturers.

"We have recently celebrated 103 Anniversary of our university and I went back in time in my mind when the founders of the University understood the needs of their time, they understood that at the beginning of the industrial era a European education should create the elite of Bulgaria of lawyers, economists, traders. We are now in the digital age and we also need to be in line with the times. We have to offer our students modern and quality education, to have digital platforms, to provide scientific production, to be adequate to this digital information world", said the Dean of the Law Faculty Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zahary Tormanov.

He presented the sections and content of the new website focusing on the publications that are available in the Science section. "Monographs, books, scientific articles of jurists-lecturers at the Faculty are also uploaded. The collections that have appeared over the years and articles in legal journals are published. The site is extremely rich in content and presents the Law Faculty activity in the best way and only so far about 10 000 pages have been published", said Assoc. Prof. Tormanov.

The event was also attended by the Vice Rector for Research and International Affairs Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mihail Musov

The Dean of the Law Faculty Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zahary Tormanov

In response to invitations by the Supreme Courts, lecturers from the Law Faculty have drafted statements on interpretative cases, which have been appreciated with respect and esteem by the legal community. These statements have also been published on the new website - statements regarding constitutional court cases, the Supreme Court of Cassation cases and statements of members from the Law Faculty Departments that have resulted in interpretive decisions.

There is also a section Draft Statemnets that will be accessible to lecturers and Doctoral stduents who could work on creating new statements.

The content of the new website shows the active research activities of the Law Facultu in the field of legal sciences as well as the support and promotion of individual and collective research in collaboration with national, international and foreign institutions. The endeavor is to reach the high scientific standards through scientific publications, publishing scientific journal, organizing national and international scientific forums and building scientific centers.

The presentation was followed by a discussion in which took part the lecturers from other Faculties as well as the students. The topics of difficulties in creating digital platforms and information protection were examined.


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