Children`s Room Made Happy the Student Families in Block 53B

Thursday, 19 January 2023 17:40

Block 53B of student dormitories already has a nursery in help of students with young children. It was officially opened by the Rector of UNWE Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrov.

There are 11 children living in Block 53B

The Rector welcomed the guests and greeted Plamen Penev, Director of Student Canteens and Dormitories Unit, for the idea to create the first of its kind children`s room in the Student Town: "You can see that some things do not require millions but a good attitude and initiative. This space is made to be comfortable for both children and their parents. A great opportunity for mothers to have time to study for the examination session while their kids are in the nursery".

The children`s room is located in a fully renovated facilities with special flooring. It is equipped with toys to develop children's motor skills, including the famous climbing wall “Pickler's Triangle” which encourages children to play independently, helps them gain confidence and develops their motor skills.

The creation of children`s room in the UNWE dormitories is an initiative of the Student Canteens and Dormitories Unit. "We have chosen every element from the flooring to the toys with great care. The nursery will be open at any time when parents wish to bring their children. The key will be available at the security men of the block", said the Director of Student Canteens and Dormitories Unit Plamen Penev. He explained that it is the first completed children`s room. The second one will be built in block 55D where live 27 children.

Plamen Penev, Director of Student Canteens and Dormitories Unit

Following the old tradition, the first visitors were welcomed with bread and honey by the Dormitory Manager Mrs. Eleonora Medarova.

The three-years-old Samuel first stepped on the threshold of the nursery

The opening of the nursery was also attended by Prof. Dr. Tsvetana Stoyanova, Vice-Rector for Institutional and Business Cooperation and Student Policies as well as by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dragomir Stefanov, Secretary General for Social and Living Issues of Undergraduates and Foreign Students, Gergana Kirilova, Director of Rector's Office, the President of the Student Council Angel Stoykov, Gabriela Panayotova, Chairperson of the House Council, students and their children.

Prof. Stoyanova greeted the students living in Block 53B for the new children`s room and outlined: "The beautiful and comfortable nursery will also help you, the mothers, because you will be able to take turns and have one parent look after several children. Let's hope this first children`s room "leads the way" for similar improvements in other blocks".

Angel Stoykov greeted the Student Canteens and Dormitories Unit for the great initiative and for the responsible attitude towards students with children. "As I can see the children enjoy the room to such an extent that they do not even pay attention to their parents", pointed out Angel Stoykov.

Assoc. Prof. Dragomir Stefanov showed the guests the renovated Reading Room in the dormitory. "The Reading Room is intensively used especially during the session as there are 4 people living in the flats and they need extra study space".

Besides the Reading Room, the Rector also visited the Centre for Video Monitoring in Block 53B as well as the two dormitories in process of complete renovation - Block 55B and Block 61A.

The Reading Room in Block 53B   The Centre for Video Monitoring

The University has a total of 12 student dormitories where live over 5 000 students.

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