Prof. Dr. Matilda Alexandrova Boshmakova: New Year, New Specialities and New Master Programmes

Tuesday, 17 January 2023 18:50

A number of joint programmes between our university and other Bulgarian and international universities will be available to prospective students in the next academic year. They are presented by the new Vice-Rector for Educational Activities Prof. Dr. Matilda Alexandrova-Boshnakova in the new volume of UNWE Newspaper.

Prof. Alexandrova-Boshnakova: "The mission of UNWE is to educate the leaders of tomorrow helping them to form knowledge and skills for their professional realization through innovative and interdisciplinary specialties"

The Double Executive MBA Programme - the first of its kind in Bulgaria - starts admission of students in January 2023. It is the result of a partnership between our university and the American Northern Illinois University (NIU). The training will be held in English by lecturers from both countries. It covers contemporary issues in areas such as digital transformation, leadership, entrepreneurship, environmental and social management, etc.

For the summer semester of the current academic year it is also possible to apply for the hybrid Master's degree programmes as Business Innovation and Management taught in English, Strategic Marketing, Environmental Entrepreneurship, Sales Management in Trade, Standardization and Accounting Analysis in the Public Sector and Sports Business. They are the fruit of the cooperation of our university with D. А. Tsenov Academy of Economics - Svishtov, Burgas Free University and the National Sports Academy.

A new Master`s degree programme in Multimedia Journalism and the established Master`s degree programme in Public Relations have been developed in the professional field of Public Communications and Information Sciences. The first one is planned to start in the current academic year with admission in January 2023, and the second one is planned to start in the next academic year.

In the academic year 2023/2024 the students will have the opportunity to study in joint Bachelor`s degree programmes with Burgas Free University and D. А. Tsenov Academy of Economics – Svishtov such as International Economic Relations and Business Economics taught in English. There are also provisioned various Bachelor's degree programmes in the professional fields of Informatics and Computer Sciences, Pedagogy and Philology. They include the specialities Pedagogy of Education in Economics and Informatics, Computer Processing and Data Analysis /Data Science/, Cybersecurity and e-Government and Applied Linguistics.

Prof. Alexandrova-Boshnakova assures that the choice of each of developed and established specialties is not random. It is made after a careful study of the labour market and the trends in the demand for professions. It is emphasized on the specific knowledge and skills that employers are interested in and that are important for the realization of young people. The training for all new programmes will start in person. However, as the learning resources accumulate, a distance learning form of education could be available after the second year.

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