Consecutive Academic Oscar for the Most Prestigious University According to the Employers

Monday, 16 January 2023 20:05

The University of National and World Economy  was once again awarded the Academic Oscar for the most prestigious higher education institution in the professional field of Economics according to employers and lecturers in higher education institutions at the awarding ceremony for universities ranked at the first place in the rating of higher education institutions.

For the seventh consecutive time the 24 Hours newspaper awarded the Academic Oscars. In the current year it was in the presence of the Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria Iliana Yotova, ministers of education and science from the Bulgarian governments after 1990, the mayor of the capital Yordanka Fandakova, business representatives and students.

"This Rating System is the most important in two fields. It is a kind of guide for young people to choose a university. This ranking shows young people that they should also have one thing in mind, so that they can not only choose specialties by heart but also to orient themselves on how they can realize themselves at the labour market", said Mrs. Iliana Yotova in her speech.

There are not many institutions in the country that can bring together former ministers in one room. It should include the members of the Education Commission, not just the executive power. My kind words are also for 24 Hours newspaper. For 25 years its team has organized over 220 public initiatives. I know of no other institution or media that perseveres so much and tries to help and show solutions to decision makers", said also Iliana Yotova.

In his speech the Rector of the UNWE Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrov outlined that the Rating System plays an important role: "Without measuring our results, we cannot manage these processes. We constantly look at what we have done and together with Mr. Georgy Stoychev and Mrs. Venelina Gocheva we made a discussion on how to improve the Rating system". Prof. Dimitrov emphasized that the UNWE has real partnership relations with all companies-partners of the Academic Oscars.  "It is not a coincidence that Kaufland gives us this award. With them we implement business academies, renovate study halls and create real prerequisites for improving the learning process and creating better connection of students with the business".

Regarding the reconsideration of the criteria in the Rating System, Prof. Dimitrov gave an example with the fact that although the system is national, the UNWE for three years is part of a large European consortium ENGAGE.EU - a European university of 9 leading business universities and 125 000 students. "Among ourselves, we call it the “European Harvard” with all the connotations that go with that name. So next time I will ask to be included in the evaluation as a consortium", added as a joke Prof. Dimitrov. 

The Rector Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrov received the award from Mila Valkova, Senior Manager of Recruitment, Employer Brand and Motivation and Retention at Kaufland Bulgaria.

Mrs. Valkova greeted everyone for their professionalism and for the results presented in the survey. "On behalf of the business, as one of the largest companies in the country, I believe that your efforts find their realization in the wonderful graduates that the business has the opportunity to integrate in its work. Our partnership with the UNWE is an example of how business can lend a hand to the higher education and thus our whole country can prosper", said Mrs. Valkova.

According to Georgy Stoychev, Director of the Open Society Institute – Sofia who prepares the Rating system for higher education institutions in Bulgaria, four positive trends can be identified: a lasting trend towards improving the realization of graduate students, increasing the quality and quantity of scientific publications, enhancing the competitiveness of Bulgarian higher education and increasing public confidence in higher education institutions.

In Bulgaria the ranking of universities is a relatively new phenomenon, it has existed for about 15 years, when it began to be implemented on the initiative of 24 Hours newspaper and since 2010 it has been institutionalized. The Rating system of higher education institutions in the country compares 52 higher education institutions within 52 professional fields.

For the first year students were also invited to the ceremony. The student community of UNWE was represented by Tony Stoyanova (in the picture below), 4th year student of speciality Marketing taught in English language.

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