Lecturer from the UNWE is the New Chairman of the National Statistical Institute

Friday, 22 July 2022 20:10

On 18 July 2022 the newly elected President of the National Statistical Institute /NSI/ Assoc. Prof. Dr. Atanas Atanasov, who is a lecturer at the Statistics and Econometrics Department of UNWE, took up his duties. At a special ceremony the outgoing Chairman of the NSI Sergey Tsvetarsky conferred the position to Assoc. Atanas Atanasov awarding to him the Decree of Prince Ferdinand of 1897, which established the Directorate of Statistics of the Bulgarian Principality. "I award it as a reminder of the responsibility of every head of the national statistics to ensure that it is in line with the required standard", said Tsvetarsky.

Assoc. Prof. Atanasov outlined the main priorities in statistics from now on. These include cooperation with other institutions, universities, the media and all users of information. "The NSI should be as open as possible to all of them", said the new President. As another important priority Assoc. Prof. Atanasov pointed out that his aspiration is for the national statistics to use more and more new technological solutions and interdisciplinary methods.

He awarded to his predecessor Sergey Tsvetarsky a Diploma for his contribution to the development of statistics in the last 8 years, for the successful mandate and for the continuity in this important institution for the country. The outgoing NSI President was also awarded a plaque on the occasion of 140th Anniversary of Bulgarian statistics as well as a book about the history of Bulgarian fine arts.

Tsvetarsky defined the NSI as the institution that writes the digital history of a country and reminded that without history no one has a future.

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