Delegation of UNWE Lecturers Visited a Moroccan University under the Erasmus+ Programme

Thursday, 30 June 2022 13:40

Three lecturers from the UNWE - Prof. Dr. Polya Katsamunska, Public Administration Department, Prof. Dr. Daniela Koch-Kozhuharova, Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics Department and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ekaterina Tosheva, Statistics and Econometrics Department - visited the Ibn Tofail University in Kenitra, Kingdom of Morocco, on the Erasmus+ Programme over the period 13-17 June 2022.

Their teaching there was funded under the Erasmus+ Programme for staff mobility under the key activity Mobility of Students and Staff in Higher Education between Programme and Partner Countries, in the case between the UNWE and the Ibn Tofail University.

UNWE was presented to Prof. Azzedine ELMIDAOUI - Président de l'Université Ibn Tofaïl and Karima SELMAOUI - Professor in charge of International Relations and Institutional Erasmus Coordinator as well as to other representatives of the management, administration and teaching staff of the Moroccan University. Opportunities for future cooperation between the two universities as well as the prospects for joint research and educational projects were discussed. Classes were also held in the field of public administration, foreign language training and statistics according to the programmes of the three UNWE lecturers.

The Bulgarian delegation was introduced to lecturers and administrators from various faculties and units of the University and among them of particular interest were the meetings with Dr. Nabil Boubrahimi and Dr. Yahya El Mountassir - professors at the Faculty of Economics and Managemen as well as with Dr. Driss Daoui - Director of the Institute of Sports Management. Prof. Katsamunska, Prof. Koch-Kozhuharova and Assoc. Prof. Tosheva also held talks with Abdelaziz Ramadane Kribi, Director of the Career Development Centre at the University of Kenitra.

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