UN Officially Approved UNWE As Coordinator of National Sustainable Development Solutions Network - SDSN Bulgaria

Saturday, 25 June 2022 13:20

The UNWE was approved as a host university /Coordinator/ of the National Sustainable Development Network SDSN Bulgaria initiated by the University in April last year. The support of the United Nations /UN/ comes after a profound assessment of educational and scientific capacity of UNWE on sustainable development issues, the opportunities for active participation in solving national and regional sustainable development issues, the administrative capacity to manage initiatives under the auspices of the SDSN, and to mobilize resources to achieve the Global Goals. "We look forward to working with the UNWE in support of sustainable development and thank you for the leadership you have already demonstrated", is written in the official letter from the SDSN Networks Strategy Council which approved UNWE's application.

"It is an honour for the UNWE to be a Coordinator of SDSN Bulgaria. For us the high evaluation of the Strategy Council is objective and the confidence voted is expected. The University is facing new excellent opportunities for cooperation in student education and research with leading universities and research institutes working on sustainable development issues. The UNWE will be a proud member of the great SDSN family", emphasized the Rector of UNWE Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrov.

Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrov

SDSN Bulgaria is the best opportunity to strengthen the implementation of the third mission of all universities in the country - the contribution of the academy to building a sustainable future for our society", shared Assoc. Prof. Mihail Musov, Vice-Rector for Research and International Affairs and Head of the team elaborated the concept for the National Network - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nina Tipova, Chief Assist. Dr. Shteryo Nozarov, Chief Assist. Dr. Alexander Dimitrov and Chief Assist. Dr. Kristian Zhelev. "Our long-term vision is to develop the leading platform in Bulgaria for universities, research institutes, governmental, non-governmental and business organizations and other stakeholders, which brings together members and partners to actively work towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals", said Assoc. Prof. Musov during the presentation of the Network at the forum on The Role of the Academy in Achieving the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development organized by "St. Climent Ohridsky" University of Sofia.

During the presentation of SDSN Bulgaria

The selection of members and partners, the organisation of a kick-off event and the first scientific conference of the Network are to be held. In addition to intensifying the partnership with the universities in the country the Network creates also excellent opportunities for achieving synergy effects with other international initiatives of UNWE, including the European University ENGAGE.EU, the European Group for Territorial Cooperation HELICAS, the UNESCO Chair on Media and Information Literacy and Cultural Policies for Sustainable Development, the Bulgarian Network of the UN Global Compact, etc.

The UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network /SDSN/ mobilizes scientific and technical expertise from academia, civil society and the private sector to support practical solutions of sustainable development problems at local, national and global scales. SDSN has been operating since 2012 under the auspices of the UN Secretary-General. SDSN builds national and regional networks of knowledge institutions, thematic networks focused on solutions to support the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals  and the SDG Academy - an online university for sustainable development. More information about the SDSN Networks: https://www.unsdsn.org/.

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