Lecturers from the UNWE Discussed Opportunities for Cooperation with Yarmouk University

Wednesday, 15 June 2022 18:10

The University of National and World Economy took part in the Second International Week at Yarmouk University in Irbid, Jordan. The event is part of the UNWE policy to position itself in the market for educational services in the Near and Middle East region.

During their visit to Ibrid Prof. Dr. Kamelia Assenova, Institutional Coordinator of the Erasmus Programme and Prof. Dr. Yanko Hristozov, Secretary General for International Cooperation, met with the President of Yarmouk University Prof. Islam Massad.

"During the discussion with him we talked about the possibilities for cooperation and collaboration between both universities", said Assoc. Prof. Assenova. According to her there are many opportunities for the development of bilateral relations between both universities. "The main direction in training will be the establishment of joint Master's and/or Bachelor's degree programmes and training of Jordanian students in Doctoral programmes of UNWE. In the scientific field we will search for the development of joint projects and research", added Assoc. Prof. Assenova.

During their meeting with the President of Yarmouk University she and Assoc. Prof. Hristozov talked about the advantages of international students to study at the UNWE. The high level of academic staff at the UNWE, the curricula and programmes that correspond to the standards in the most developed countries as well as the European diploma that the graduates obtain were highlighted. The training costs were also discussed and it became clear that they are several times lower than in other EU countries, the UK and the USA, and even in Jordan itself. The President of Yarmouk University accepted the personal invitation from the Rector of the UNWE Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrov to visit Sofia and the UNWE as soon as it is possible.

"The development of cooperation and collaboration between the Yarmouk University and the UNWE provides new opportunities for both parties which we hope will be realized in the coming years", says Assoc. Prof. Kamelia Assenova.

The Yarmouk University is located in the city of Irbid. It was established in 1976 by Royal Decree and has developed extremely rapidly. Today it has 15 Faculties in all scientific fields with 69 Bahcelor`s degree and 73 Master`s degree programmes as well as 17 Doctoral programmes in the field of pedagogy, arts and Islamic studies. At present, the University has 42 370 students taught by a total of 1 091 faculty members. Nearly 200 000 graduates have come out of Yarmouk University since its establishment. The University publishes 7 scientific journals and one of them is indexed in Scopus.

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