2nd Online Agri-Seminar Dedicated to the New Common Agricultural Policy

Friday, 15 April 2022 11:30

The Economics of Natural Resources Department was a virtual host of the 2nd Online Agri-Seminar on the Automation in the Agriculture - New Trends and Innovations which is part of the campaign CAP Green Zone dedicated to the new Common Agricultural Policy. The moderator Prof. Yulia Doychinova, Head of the Economics of Natural Resources Department, opened the event and outlined the relevance of the Seminar's topic for the training of students in the specialty Agribusiness as well as for the research carried out in the Department on the opportunities for innovation in ecosystem services to farmers.

The guest-lecturer Christian Mihaylov, co-founder of the Professional Association for Robotics and Automation /PARA/, presented the prognosticated demographic changes and challenges facing the development of agriculture as well as the possible solutions through production automation.

The presentation of a number of new technical and technological solutions in the field of precise agriculture, including solutions developed by Bulgarian research teams, aroused increased interest.

In the discussion that followed opinions were exchanged on the reasons for the abandonment of automation processes in the agriculture and production processing in Bulgaria as well as on the development of new projects by members of the Professional Association of Robotics and Automation.

The Seminar ended with a documentary film produced within the CAP Green Zone project entitled A Bundle of Hope: Bulgaria's Modern Farmers.

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