The First Competition in Cyber Security in Bulgaria Was Held Lively at the UNWE on Hack the Box Platform

Sunday, 17 April 2022 13:25

The first Competition in Cyber Security in Bulgaria was held lively at the UNWE on the online platform for testing and improving penetration and cyber security skills Hack the Box.

The Competition is part of the first in Bulgaria International Conference on the Cyber Security, part of the BSIDES series. The UNWE jointly with leading companies in the field of cyber security is a co-organizer. BSIDES events are organized all over the world and are entirely non-commercial. They are designed to provide opportunities for cyber security professionals and enthusiasts to present their ideas and share experiences in an appropriate environment among an audience with similar interests.

The organizers of the first in Bulgaria Conference and Competition in Cyber Security, part of the BSIDES series

At the opening of the Competition Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rosen Kirilov, Vice Rector for Digitalization and Cyber Security declared: "We are very proud that this Competition is held at the UNWE, I hope that in the future we will expand the knowledge of young people in this matter".

Assoc. Prof. Rosen Kirilov

"The idea of Capture the Flag type of competition is for the participants to show their knowledge in the field of different kinds of hacks and to compromise previously created systems by the platform organizing the competition", explained Spas Ivanov, Manager of IT BaseLine. He added that there are 30 participants divided into teams or participating individually. They will demonstrate their knowledge in various aspects of information security by implementing breaches in web applications, network infrastructure and matrix systems.

Спас Иванов

The organizers explained the rules and the tasks the Competition includes as well as what is the prize for the winners - vouchers for games for different periods of time by the biggest company organizing such competitions - Hack the Box. One of the organizers added that more important than the prizes is "what you have learned, what friendships you have made and what people you have shared ideas and experiences with at the Competition".

Some of the organizers and competitors

5 hours of adrenalin:

After solving different kinds of tasks those who proved their skills in the first live Competition in Cyber Security are:

1st place – Ventsisalv Kostadinov

Spas Ivanov and Ventsislav Kostadinov

2nd place – Martin Georgiev

Spas Ivanov and Martin Georgiev

3rd place – Georgy Gerganov

Spas Ivanov and Georgy Gerganov
The results of the three winners with their nicknames who will play on the Hack The Box platform and will be able to compete in global competitions

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