UNWE Will Provide Full Support to Its Ukrainian Students, Student Council Opens Hotline for the Students in Need

Wednesday, 02 March 2022 21:30

The UNWE Rectors Managing Body took a decision to support the students from Ukraine in relation to the emergency situation in the distressed country and the numerous signals by the Ukrainian students studying at the UNWE.

The support will consist in providing dormitories for them and their families throughout the crisis in Ukraine. It is also provided an online learning option if face-to-face learning is not possible.

An extension of the semester will also be provided in order to cover the lost educational material.

The students will also be given the opportunity to be absent 50% of the time throughout the semester and an additional session will be provided for undergraduates and Doctoral students affected by the military affairs in Ukraine.

It was also discussed the provision of access to educational and methodological materials on paper or their electronic versions as well as access to additional materials that include a set of case studies and courseworks valid only for the current semester, including guidelines, requirements for their development as well as examples of well-solved ones.

The support measures were discussed at a meeting of Rectors Managing Body with the Student Council. It was also discussed the position of the National Representation of Student Councils /NRSC/ addressed to all universities.

The Student Senate unanimously endorsed the NRSC position calling for joint cooperation regarding the students from Ukraine studing at the UNWE.

All those who want to help Ukrainian citizens can donate food, clothes, medicine, bandages, etc., at the Bulgarian Red Cross points in Sofia and in the country.

For assistance by the UNWE Student Council you can contact at e-mail: [email protected] as well as on phone number: +359 500 7800.

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