Application for the ENGAGE.EU Think Tank is now open

Saturday, 29 January 2022 16:25

The Alliance of Seven European Universities ENGAGE.EU, part of which is the UNWE, has announced its Think Tank Call for applications. The approved researchers from each partner university will spend a week at the University of Mannheim in September / October 2022. They will have the opportunity to join research groups and various seminars as well as to work with colleagues from all universities in the consortium on topics of common interest.

The Think Tank topic is: The Role of Digitalisation for Sustainable Development and its Impact on European Business, Economics and Societies.

"The ENGAGE.EU Think Tank is the Advanced Study Centre of our European University. It is a forum for intensive interdisciplinary academic exchange where researchers address the critical societal challenges of our time, where boundaries of research and innovation are challenged, where outstanding collaborations become possible, and where original thinking is the norm", explained Assoc. Prof. Mihail Musov, UNWE Vice-Rector for Research and International Affairs and institutional coordinator of ENGAGE.EU for Bulgaria. He stated that by their participation in the Initiative reserchers from all seven universities will have the opportunity to expand the boundaries of their research, create sustainable research teams with foreign colleagues to implement joint publications in leading scientific journals as well as exchange experience and ideas.

Assoc. Prof. Mihail Musov

Preferably, the research project proposals have the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in mind. For instance, a research project might explore how digitalisation can transform working and living conditions, how digital transformation can ensure sustainable economic growth, or how digitalisation can help avoiding inequality in society.

Applications for a stay at the ENGAGE.EU Think Tank are open for individual researchers as well as research groups (max. 2-3 people). Each applicant is required to submit a proposal for a research topic (up to 4-5 pages) and an up-to-date CV including a list of scientific publications.

Applications can be submitted by all UNWE researchers and more details on deadlines, application requirements, contacts and further information can be found on the special webpage of ENGAGE.EU Think Tank.

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