UNWE Received the Award for the Most Prestigious Economic Higher School

Tuesday, 21 December 2021 13:15

The newspaper 24 Hours presented its traditional awards for the best ranked universities in the rating system for 2021. The ceremony known as the Academic Oscars was held for the sixth consecutive time.

UNWE received the special award for the most prestigious university in the professional field of Economics according to the employers and university lecturers. The award was bestowed by Mila Valkova, Senior Manager of Selection and Employer Brand at Kaufland - Bulgaria.

Venelina Gocheva, Manager of Media Group Bulgaria, Acad. Nikolay Denkov, Minister of Education and Science, the Rector of UNWE Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrov and Mila Valkova /from the right to the left/

In his speech the Rector of UNWE Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrov noted: "For being a good manager the person must be able to measure what he does and this indicator is the rating. Currently Bulgaria has political, economic and managerial problems and we prepare professionals to cope with these problems. This recognition by the employers means a lot to us".

Kaufland - Bulgaria supports the education and believes that the relation between the education and the business is very important. We have been partners with UNWE for many years and every year students studying Logistics and Trade become part of our company. It is an evidence that such a bridge can be built successfully", said Mila Valkova.

"The rating system is not just a set of data. The methodology and the conclusions lead to the quality we want to see. The world develops rapidly and the progress should not reassure us if we want to be competitive", said the Minister of Education and Science Acad. Nikolay Denkov emphasizing that “there are several areas where hard work is needed. We must work to increase the quality and motivation of lecturers. The second problem to be solved is the fragmentation of the system of higher education institutions. The third topic to be discussed will be research and the application in practice”.

Minister Nikolay Denkov and Georgy Stoychev, Executive Director of the Open Society Institute

The Executive Director of the Open Society Institute Georgy Stoychev - Head of the Consortium that updates the data in the rating system commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Science, said that according to the nationally representative public opinion poll conducted in October 2021 by Alpha Research under a project funded by the Open Society Institute, Bulgarian universities enjoy trust that is even higher than the trust in the European Union. "Only the trust in the church and the army is greater."

"Ratings and education are a cause for the newspaper 24 Hours", said the Manager of Media Group Bulgaria Venelina Gocheva. She appealed to the Rectors to use 24 Hours as a platform to convince students in the qualitative European education at Bulgarian universities as well as to the business representatives to offer students a career that is worth staying in Bulgaria. "The rating is the most important thing for students. And the most important thing for you is to convince them to stay in Bulgaria", said Venelina Gocheva.


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