Five UNWE Students Won ICAEW Scholarships

Monday, 10 January 2022 12:54

The Scholarship Competition announced by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales /ICAEW/ is over. Alexander Ignatov, Valery Konicheva, Emilian Velkovsky, Mihaela Vladimirova and Osama Tuhami are the five students from the UNWE who have been approved for the programme. The scholarships cover the entire training in the three-year internationally recognized ICAEW ACA qualification.

"The partnership between the UNWE and ICAEW has been built over a decade on the basis of mutual trust and freedom. We are grateful to the ICAEW for the support and we are confident that this model of cooperation will be disseminated as a good practice among our other partner organizations", commented Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mihail Musov, Vice Rector for Research and International Affairs who worked with students during the preparation of their applications.


Get to know the ICAEW scholarship students closely:

Valery Konicheva, 2nd year student in speciality Economics with English Language Teaching. In 2019 he won the competition Ambassador for a Day organized by the British Embassy where she had worked with Ambassador Emma Hopkins. At the final event she presented her work to more than 300 people and was awarded a Certificate of Achievement by the Vice President Iliana Yotova and Ambassador Emma Hopkins. "It is the competition that has left its mark on me and my progress. Then I became a student at the UNWE and I won the competition Student of the Year in category Talent based on my achievements so far. Before applying to the university I informed about all the specialties thoroughly and chose to continue my education in the speciality Finance and Accounting with English Language Teaching. When I saw the scholarship I was surprised what an exceptional opportunity the UNWE provides for me", tells Valery Konicheva /in the picture below/.

Michaela Vladimirova, 2nd year student. She describes herself as a perfectionist so accounting fits her perfectly. It is an important element in business decision making and fits into the desire to control every situation. He points out the ICAEW ACA qualification programme for independent students as a necessary challenge for choosing a career direction. Her main hobbies are reading and being informed on every issue. "ICAEW gave me the opportunity to have access to all the necessary materials to upgrade my knowledge provided by the university. Approving my candidacy is a test of my self-initiative and time allocation and at the same time it gives me an advantage over my peers", says Michaela /in the picture below/.

Emilian Velkovsky begins to study Economics with English Language Teaching with the idea to gain more knowledge and practice. According to him nowadays such specialties have great potential and should be studied at the university. He chose ICAEW to develop more scientific competencies and to be able to run his own company in the future. As a hobby he points out music and learning new things, currently – a foreign language.

Osama Tuhami is from Italy and he studies Economics with English Language Teaching at the UNWE. He enrolled in the programme for chartered accountants to gain new knowledge and improve his skills in the business world. He enjoys reading books and playing video games. "After completing the scholarship programme I expect to have knowledge in the areas I will choose in the future. I hope to improve my knowledge and skills in the business areas which I call the "path to leadership", he shares /in the picture below/.

Alexander Ignatov, 2nd year student. In the future he wants to enrich his knowledge in Economics with a large amount of practical and theoretical studies in the field of finance and business. "For me the scholarship programme is an opportunity to find information in my areas of interest and they will be taught to me in English", he comments /in the picture below/.

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