The Economics Department Presented Its Annual Conference on the Economic Challenges: Crisis, Recovery, Sustainability

Friday, 12 November 2021 20:15

Economic Challenges: Crisis, Recovery, Sustainability was the topic for the Annual Conference of Economics Department. The approved Scientific Forum was held under the patronage of the Rector Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrov.

The special guest for the event was Mr. Atanas Pekanov, Deputy Prime Minister for European Funds Management. The Forum was attended by representatives of employers, trade unions, central and local government and NGO`s. Guests were also Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mihail Musov, Vice-Rector for Research and International Affairs and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rosen Kirilov, Vice-Rector for Digitalization and Cybersecurity.

Deputy Minister Atanas Pekanov, the Rector Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrov, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivaylo Beev, Head of the Economics Department /from the left to the right/ 

The Head of Economcis Department Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivaylo Beev, as organizer of the Conference, outlined his contentment with the wide attendance of the traditional Forum. He pointed out that despite it is a regular event, it is the most important event of the year for the Economics Department.

"It is the time when we compare our watches with the collegium, with the practice, with the students and their views. The objective and responsibility of the Forum is to maintain the leading position of the Department and the University in the Economics science development."

In his greeting the Rector Prof. Dimitar Dimitrov emphasized that the Conference is held on time. "The topic of the Forum was determined last year which shows the prognostic abilities of the people from the Department", outlined the Rector and shared his expectations that the event would arouse great interest due also to the presence of Deputy Prime Minister Atanas Pekanov.

"Assoc. Kristalina Georgieva who is the IMF Managing Director is also from the Economic Department which is another great recognition not only for the Department, but also for the University", added the Rector. According to him the UNWE has proven that the spirit makes the power so the objective is "to communicate so that our ideas are easier to reach those who make decisions. And those who make decisions to be convinced that good results will be obtained."

"Let the voice of professionals be heard more clearly and confidently, and let`s rely on their advices," appealed Prof. Dimitrov.

"The work of economists and economic discipline is to provide the basis for the right policies and decisions, to help politicians look for the right answers in the given context and concrete historical situation", emphasized in his greeting the Deputy Prime Minister for European Funds Atanas Pecanov. He explained that everything changes extremely fast even if it does not seem so, the knowledge is very dynamic and such conferences and scientific papers provide solutions drop by drop.

In his statement Minister Pekanov spoke on topics as the minimum wage, inequalities, the euro and monetary union which he identified as the three examples showing how through conferences, the shared opinion on a certain policy changes the knowledge in one direction or another.

"This forum should reach more publicity and the society should see that the economic discipline will give politicians the right answers on how to develop the country and society in the best way", outlined the Deputy Prime Minister.

Maria Mincheva, Deputy Chairman of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce /BIA/, expressed thankfulness for the opportunity to share what the business had faced over the last two years of Covid-19 pandemic. "I am deeply convinced that the political response to this health crisis will be the subject of scientific research for decades. I can compare the damages caused by the pandemic with those caused by the Second World War. No one was prepared for such circumstances", she commented. Mrs. Mincheva explained that “regarding companies and employers' organizations, the period was associated with non-stop efforts and work". After the initial shock, the situation gradually began to normalize". She said explicitly that "it is time to talk not only about a crisis and recovery but about sustainable recovery which goes through both transformation and new policies related to the digital and green transition".

Maria Mincheva: "The role of the academic community is extremely important. It can give the necessary reasoned answers to a number of questions on what are the right economic policies in the current situation, what are the reasonable policies".

"The presence of so many people representing different organizations is an evidence that the Conference has approved itself and gained public significance", said Dr. Lyuboslav Kostov, Director of the Institute for Social and Trade Union Research, Chief Economist of CITUB / Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Bulgaria/. He added that "the love to science is love to the truth and honesty is a fundamental virtue in the academic circles. The relation between the higher education and economic policies pursued by politicians should be strengthened and such forums are an appropriate format".

Dr. Lyuboslav Kostov and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kostadin Kolarov, Director of the Entrepreneurship Institute /from the right to the left/

Greetings on behalf of Sofia Chamber of Commerce and Industry were given by its Deputy Chairman Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vladimir Zinoviev, Director of the Center for Energy Business and Infrastructure at UNWE. "According to the analyses done by the Sofia Chamber of Commerce and Industry the current crisis has brought serious challenges for some companies and others have made a serious breakthrough", he commented. Mr. Zinoviev expects the challenges to remain in the forthcoming years so "the role of the university as a "think-tank" team will have great potential".

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vladimir Zinoviev: "The economy – it`s us".

Mr. Ergin Emin, Chairman of the Association of Bulgarian Cities and Regions /ABCR/, greeted the participants in the Forum on behalf of the Management Board. He pointed out that having in mind that the National Recovery and Resilience Plan had been adopted a week ago the Conference was held on time so he expressed his hope that the cooperation between the UNWE and ABCR would continue developing fruitfully.

Mr. Ergin Emin and Prof. Dr. Stoyan Tagarev, ABCR /from the right to the left/

Daniel Parushev, Chairman of the National Representation of Student Councils, paid attention to the fact that the Forum is attended by the national elite of the country. He said that the Conference topics concerning higher education had provoked his interest. "These topics are extremely important if we want to be a good university and to prepare good specialists."

"Over the recent years the UNWE has provide and continues to provide good specialists to the state so if someone can cope with the current crisis, it is namely those specialists", pointed out Daniel Parushev

On behalf of the Student Council, its Chairman Angel Stoykov welcomed the participants in the Conference and its organizers. "For us, the Ph.D students, it is important to obtain new knowledge and skills and to have the opportunity to present our works at such forums."

Angel Stoykov greeted the Department for giving the opportunity not only to Ph.D students but also to undergraduates to do science "because us, the young people, should be given a hand".

Prof. Dr. Margarita Atanasova, Dean of the General Economics Faculty, greeted the participants and organizers of the Forum  wth the words: “The very name of the Conference clearly shows the three challenges to modern economic knowledge. Respect for the conceptual foundations of economics and systematic building of academic teams with high professionalism - something that the Economics Department successfully copes with." She is convinced that the Forum is not only an active stimulus for new creative ideas and achievements but also an opportunity to be heard the voice of professionals".

On behalf of the Applied Informatics and Statistics Faculty, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Venelin Boshnakov assured that in the face of the Faculty, represented by him, the Economics Department could meet very good partners. "I think we have a serious future to work jointly on different research tasks and to report the results at these forums."

Online greeting by Assoc. Prof. Venelin Boshnakov

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alexander Valkov, Head of the Public Administration Department, made a special note in his greeting that the Forum integrates searchings in three directions - research, practical economics and training - which is appropriate for a university with 100-years of history.

Interesting, fruitful debate, ideas and search for solutions, wished Assoc. Prof. Alexander Valkov.
Guests at the event were also Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mihail Musov, Vice-Rector for Research and International Affairs and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rosen Kirilov, Vice-Rector for Digitalization and Cybersecurity /from the right to the left/

The focus of the 7th Annual Conference is on some of the most important and actual economic challenges in 2021 but also on the methodological issues of economic theory, its teaching and the educational literature development. The importance of the methodological part was also the emphasis in the Greeting Address presented by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivan Stoilov, Head of the Physical Education and Sports Department. He outlined the importance of the theory on innovative didactic approaches development that refracting through the prism of the subject area specifics and in the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic acquire primary significance. Wishing all participants in the Forum to embody the maxim "Men Sana in Scorpure Sano", Assoc. Prof. Stoilov wished also success to the Conference.

The Scientific Forum, including in a virtual environment, was attended by prominent colleagues and representatives of academic circles: Prof. Dr. Grigorii Vazov, Rector of University of Finance, Insurance, Business and Entrepreneurship /VUZF/; Prof. Dr. Tsvetana Stoyanova, Vice-Rector of UNWE; Prof. Dr. Pencho Penchev, Dean and Head of the Business Manadement Department, St. Climent Ohridsky University of Veliko Tarnovo; Prof. Dr. Lyudmil Nestorov, Head of the Economics General Theory Department, D. A. Tsenov Economic Academy - Svishtov; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hristo Mavrov, Head of the General Economic Theory Department, University of Varna; deans, heads of departments and general secretaries at UNWE as well as many other respected colleagues, professors and eminent scientists.

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