Laszlo Andor, European Commissioner: European Countries Must Invest in The Education of Young People

Laszlo Andor, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, read a public lecture on The Demography of Europe after The Expansion and Crisis: Need of The Employment and Regional Development Stimulation. At the lecture attended a lot of students and lecturers of UNWE.

Each fourth young man at the age between 15 and 24 years old can`t find a job in Bulgaria, reported the European Commissioner and about a quarter of the young people in the country (22%) do not study and are not involved in Programmes for qualification and requalification. According to Laszlo Andor the solvation of that issue is member-states of the European Union to invest in the education of young people as for the purpose to be used the funds of the European Social Fund.

The population of European Union gets older quickly, alarmed Andor by facts. According to him the loss of the balance between the age groups is a threat to the systems for prosperity and social cares. The increase of the average life expectancy is a great achievement but meanwhile the fact that population gets older is one of the main demographic issues in all the countries of EU. Prognoses point out that in 2020 over one-fifth of the population of the old continent will be over the age of 60 years as meanwhile every year the number of the people at the age of 60 increases with two millions. It is almost twice more than in the end of the 90s and in the beginning of 2000, outlined the lecturer. Over the last ten years the decline of the birth-rate is typical to the whole population of European Union and the number of people at the age of 30 has decreased considerably since 2007 to now on. The European Commissioner concretized that it would be expected the population of Bulgaria to decrease with 10% till 2030. If some necessary measures are not taken, the problem with the older age of the population will grow in the future and Bulgaria will have the eldest population in the European Union, said Laszlo Andor.

The European Commissioner Laszlo Andor
Attendants at the lecture at the Hall 2007

Demographic issues should not stand in the way of young people and their perspectives. So it is recommended to be created opportunities for young people to begin working and for older people to work till later ages. The European Commissioner also examined the so called Roman issue. If in Bulgaria are taken some adequate measures for solvation of the problem it will lead to increase in the number of workers four times because one-third of the Roman population is at the age of 15 at the moment. In the European Union work about 68% of Roman people but in Bulgaria – less than half of them.

The public lecture of Laszlo Andor was opened from Prof. Valentin Goev, Vice-Rector of UNWE. Before the event the European Commissioner also met and had a conversation with Prof. Statty Stattev, Rector of UNWE.

The Rector of UNWE Prof. Statty Stattev met and
had a talk with Laszlo Andor
Prof. Valentine Goev, Vice-Rector of UNWE expressed
a gratitude to the European Commissioner for
his interesting lecture

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