Economic Alternatives - the UNWE Scientific Journal Is Indexed in Scopus

Monday, 23 August 2021 11:15

Economic Alternatives – the UNWE scientific journal is indexed in the world database of scientific information Scopus. The articles in the last two volumes of the journal /vol.1/2021 and vol. 2/2021/ are already available on the website of indexing organization.

Prof. D.Sc. Pencho Penchev

"This success is a result of five years of systematic work of the team working on editing and publishing of the journal", said Prof. Penchev. According to him two Rectors and all Vice-Rectors responsible for the research activities of the university who worked with him have created an environment of academic tolerance and peace of mind to pursue great goals. "Reviewers of articles who do their work anonymously, without paying, only in the name of science, have also their positive role and merits for the success. It would not be correct if I not mention colleagues from the UNWE who have helped with good articles, reviews and advice at important moments. I can't list them by name but I thank them heartily", added Prof. Penchev.

Regarding the indexing process Prof. Penchev explained that a number of requirements had to be observed related to the quality of published articles, the application of important ethical principles, compliance with periodicity, etc.

"Through the entry of the journal into Scopus I hope we have dispelled some enduring myths such as the one that entering in Scopus happens only with money. Money is very important but not decisive. The most important thing is to have qualitative articles that are part of international scientific discussions and contain original scientific contributions. Let me note that, in my opinion, the difficulties do not end here. From now on we must continue to prove ourselves in each journal volume. The journal is and should remain international and the fact that an author is from UNWE is not a guarantee that his article will be published. The only criterion for accepting articles, as before, remains their scientific value", explained Prof. Penchev.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mihail Musov

According to the Vice-Rector for Research and International Affairs Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mihail Musov this success of UNWE speaks for itself. "The environment in the field of social sciences and in particular in the field of economic sciences is highly competitive and to make a breakthrough is extremely difficult. It`s an honour for us that the Economic Alternatives journal is only the second Bulgarian journal having a similar profile indexed in Scopus. On behalf of the Rectors managing body I would like to express thankfulness to Prof. Penchev and all colleagues who have contributed to the success over the years", declared the Vice-Rector.

Assoc. Prof. Musov emphasized that the UNWE continues to actively work on indexing other scientific editions of the university in Scopus and/or Web of Science as well as on the organization of conferences whose collective volumes to be indexed in world databases. "UNWE will be among the research universities not only because it is the largest economic university in the Balkans but also because our academic community deserves it - for its high spirit and professionalism as well as for the international recognition of its scientific achievements."

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