UNWE Lecturer Quoted in the UN World Public Sector Annual Report

Friday, 09 July 2021 17:20

Lecturer from the UNWE is quoted in one of the most important United Nations Annual Reports. Ch. Assist. Dr. Shteryo Nozharov, Scientific Secretary of the Economics Department, was cited as an author with significant contribution to the development of World Public Sector Report 2021. The report entitled National Institutional Arrangements for Sustainable Development Goals Implementation: A Five-Year Stocktaking is published by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs /UN DESA/ and covers an analysis of the global public sector for 2021. It concerns some important issues regarding the state of institutions with the emphasis on the effects after pandemic over a five-year period.

Pointing out a lecturer from the UNWE in such a report is a high recognition for our university because only 11 researchers from all over the world are quoted in the UN document.

"It`s an honour for me to be able to glorify the name of our university worldwide. The assessment of scientific potential in universities should not be only on scientific publications, but also on publications from international public institutions. It is something that the whole world reads so everyone will see the name of UNWE as an institution that have a serious attitude to the world problems and the international organizations notice it", commented Ch. Assist. Nozharov. He also added that pointing out the UNWE in such a large-scale report of global importance shows the research potential of the university as well as how sought and recognized are our researchers not only in Bulgaria but also abroad: "It is extremely rare and due to such international events many foreign students will have an idea of the quality of education at the UNWE and the opportunities for development".

The Report Reference is: United Nations, 2021, National institutional arrangements for SDG implementation: A five-year stocktaking, World Public Sector Report 2021, Division for Public Institutions and Digital Government, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, (DPADM), New York, April., ISBN: 9789211232110 [eISBN: 9789210057783], and the full report can be read on the official UN website.

The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA) is a vital interface between the global policies in the economic, social and environmental sphere of sustainable development and national actions. The Department works in three major interrelated areas: compiling, generating and analyzing a wide range of economic, social and environmental data and information that UN member-states bring to review; facilitating the member-states negotiations in many intergovernmental bodies for joint action to manage with ongoing or emerging global challenges; advises the interested governments on ways and means to translate policy frameworks developed in international conferences and meetings of nations into state-level programmes.

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