The New E-Philosophy Was Presented by Its Ideologist Alexander Aniskevitch

E- Philosophy was the subject of the public lection of Alexander Aniskevitch from Russia organized by the Students Council and the International Economics and Politics Faculty. The guest – lecturer is called “the new Richard Branson” in his motherland and also “the man who knows doing the business of the future and how to manage the future for business”. In a presentation of nearly two hours he exposed to the attendants at the Ceremonial Hall of UNWE the ideology and application of the new E-Philosophy.

The meeting was opened by Prof. Valentin Goev, Vice-Rector of UNWE. Prof. Antoaneta Vasileva, Dean of the International Economics and Politics Faculty outlined the position of the guest as a First Vice-Director General of E-Auto Russian Company and determined him as the most successful Russian businessman.

In his lection in English Alexander Aniskevitch pointed out the world problems related to the global warming and searching of more effective and ecological fuels as he presented the new Russian E-Vehicle. In the video-presentation he showed in details the innovative decisions, economic aspects of the elaboration and its future usage. Aniskevitch suggested a fully new point of view on all modern e-technologies: e-World, e-Phone, e- Market, e-mobility, e-TCO, e-Sale, e-Financing, e-Franchise/Partnership, e-Components, e- Markets (Outlook), e-Future – in fact namely E-Philosophy.

The guest-lecturer also outlined that it was not just a question of business but it was about establishing a localized eco-system on Russian territory of course without ignoring a partnership with another countries interested in the idea. The project is not set on profits by the vehicle production but it is relied on its economic and ecological aspects.

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