UN Youth Delegates – the Legitimate Voice of Young People in Bulgaria

Thursday, 08 April 2021 16:35

Teodora Stamenova - first year student of speciality Political Science - is part of the Bulgarian team of UN Youth Delegates in subfield of Public Relations. The UNWE Newspaper tells about her in its new volume.

The idea to join the team of UN Youth Delegates has arisen after a competition for recruiting a team to support delegates Todor Rogoshev and Kristiana Stoyanova. Teodora Stamenova has decided to participate because she shares the organization goals and mission. Part of the requirements for candidate-delegates include knowledge in spesific field, sharing the same goals and ideals as well as proficiency in English. Her job, as part of subfield of Public Relations is to promote the activities of delegates in social networks and media.

"Freedom, tolerance, respect, responsibility - some of the values our work is built on", says Theodora. In addition to the responsibilities included in the position of youth delegate, many new opportunities also open up. Young people, chosen to be part of the Bulgarian delegation at the UN General Assembly in New York as well as at the meetings of the UN Commission for Social Development /CSocD/, represent the interests of the Bulgarian youth in national and world aspect. Teodora Stamenova shares that all she has learned helps her a lot in disciplines studied at the university. Asking her what is she inspired by and what is her success due to, she answers: "I believe in myself. But not with that romantic belief saying we can move mountains and fly but with a completely real assessment of capabilities. In my opinion, one must first believe in what one can then others can also believe in him. What inspires me is the result of my efforts.”

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