ENGAGE.EU Tries to Form a Student Circle on Societal Outreach

Monday, 22 March 2021 16:30

International exchange and networking with students from strongly positioned universities, certificate describing student engagement and strategic work in an international context as well as participation in an innovative collaboration format that allows for creative freedom and participation acknowledgement in ENGAGE.EU and local university communications (press releases, features). All of that you may find in the Student Circle on Societal Outreach which ENGAGE.EU tries to form.

The team will consist of 7 members /one student per ENGAGE.EU member university/. The alliance invites all who are interested in the rich palette of topics related to university/academia societal outreach, to send brief motivation statement at waag@zlbi.uni-mannheim.de by 11 April 2021.

In a series of 7 meetings that will be appointed in April, May and June social and actual topics will be discussed. Some of them include societal outreach projects within the alliance, best societal outreach approaches/practices outside the alliance, formulation of a societal outreach recommendation framework from a student perspective, etc.

The meeting point is MS Teams and the working language – English. Type of collaboration: guiding-questions moderation by circle facilitators.

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