UNWE Students Financiers Won Again the CFA Institute Research Challenge

Thursday, 04 March 2021 18:25

For a second consecutive year the UNWE team with an academic mentor Prof. Dimitar Nenkov won the first place in the interuniversity student competition CFA Institute Research Challenge 2021 for Bulgaria. The UNWE team-winner includes students of specialities Financial Management and Accounting, Financial Control and Finance, EQD of Master.

The members of the UNWE team-winner are: Hristina Vardeva - speciality Financial Management, Bogomila Kormanova – speciality Accounting, Financial Control and Finance and Radostina Chausheva – speciality Financial Management.

It is a global competition organized by the international professional organization of chartered financial analysts – CFA Institute. The competition is in the field of the so called equity analysis and it is held between university teams at three levels: local /for Bulgaria/, regional and global. For the purpose the world is divided to three regions: 1/ Europe, Middle East and Africa - EMEA, 2/ Asia and the Pasific and 3/ America – North and South. The Bulgarian universities are included in the first region – EMEA.

As national winner in the competition the UNWE team will represent Bulgaria in the regional competition for Europe, Middle east and Africa. Taking into account the emergency epidemic situation the competition is held entirely online including also the presentations by the teams.

The competition has the practical objective to develop the knowledge and skills of students in the field of analysis and evaluation of shares, preparation of investment report as well as the skills for presenting.

During the competition students had to do analysis and evaluation of public liability company shares traded at Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia. The work of the team lasted about a month and a half – from the middle of January to the beginning of March 2021. In the current year the company evaluated in Bulgaria was Advance Terrafund /ATERA/.

Each team had to prepare and submit a report containing the analysis and evaluation of the company to be assessed by a panel of Graders – chartered financial analysts. At the final stage of the competition each team had to make a presentation and defence of its evaluation to other panel of Judges – chartered financial analysts.

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