Yordan Yovchev Awarded the Coaches of the Year

Thursday, 11 March 2021 10:50

Another star of the Bulgarian sport visited the UNWE. The Rector Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrov met in his office with the most successful Bulgarian gymnast - Yordan Yovchev, holder of Stara Planina Order First Degree /in the picture below/.

The first gymnast, participant in six Olympic games in the sports history, awarded officially the prize Coach of the Year to Sen. Lect. Dr. Mlena Igantova and Lect. Iva Barova. They train the teams in aerobics and cheerleading dances that performed best in the rankings of the Physical Education and Sport Department for 2020. The holder of four Olympic medals greeted both coaches for their victory saying: I admire persons who do their best to be successful.

Sen. Lect. Dr. Milena Ignatova and Lect. Iva Barova were given their presents personally by the most successful Bulgarian gymnast
Sen. Lect. Dr. Milena Ignatova, Lect. Iva Barova, Mr. Yordan Yovchev and Prof. Dimitrov /from the left to the right/

Lect. Iva Barova gave as a present to the gymnast a T-shirt of St. George the Victorious Sport Club of UNWE /in the picture below/.

`Sports and Academics go hand in hand. I am glad that I and Prof. Dimitrov found opportunities for joint cooperation`, declared Mr. Yordan Yovchev. The Rector of UNWE outlined that he has always attached great importance to the student sport and would be glad the sportsmen from the UNWE to be inspired by the best ones.

Prof. Dimitrov gave as a present to the legendary gymnast a book about Prof. Stephan Bobchev that has collected the history of the first founder of UNWE. In turn Yordan Yovchev awarded to the Rector his book entitled Bulgaria on Olympus with personal dedication to Prof. Dimitrov.

At the meeting attended also the sports public figure Kiril Evtomov, graduate of UNWE.

The UNWE cheerleading team with the lecturers Iva Barova and Milena Ignatova, holders of the prize Coach of the Year 2020 /in the pictures below/.

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