Public Lecture by the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark

Wednesday, 12 February 2020 21:45

Corruption as a Threat to National Security. The Future of Europe and How a Diplomat Strikes the Balance between Work and Family in the New European Context – it was the topic of the public lecture delivered by H. E. Mr. Søren Jacobsen, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark to Bulgaria, to students and lecturers in the Ceremonial Hall.

Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrov, Rector of UNWE and Head of the National and Regional Security Department welcomed the Ambassador and defined the topic of the lecture as comprehensive concerning the corruption as one of the most important issues of national security as well as the actual problems regarding the future of Europe in the modern dynamically changing economic conditions.

Prof. Dimitar Dimitrov

Sen. Lect. Albena Makarova from the Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics Department presented the guest-lecturer as a diplomat having longstanding professional experience and diplomatic missions in China, Turkey, Afghanistan as well as in Bulgaria where he is an Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark since 2017.

Sen. Lect. Albena Makarova

In his presentation the Danish Ambassador examined the challenges that the modern world should cope with because of the increasing inequality, terroristic threats and migration leading to economic crises and more and more insecurity in the society. He defined as major challenges the preservation of values and combating corruption as a phenomena threatening the national priorities and bringing lack of economic growth especially in the countries with high rates of corruption.

H. E. Mr. Søren Jacobsen

The Danish diplomat commented also Brexit, climate changes, accession of the Western Balkan countries in the EU and emphasized on the sustainable trade policy, EU Internal Market development and coping with the corruption as key issues for the successful future development of Europe. The Ambassador shared that the life of a diplomat should be dedicated to the mission in various countries and parts of the world and although it could be hard, it couldn`t be an obstacle for striking the balance between work and family.

In the Ceremonial Hall

The Rector awarded Certificate of Appreciation to H. E. Mr. Søren Jacobsen in recognition of his lecture /in the picture below/.

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