Regional Workshop on Harmonizing National Nuclear Law with International Law Including European Law

Tuesday, 21 January 2020 11:25

Harmonizing National Nuclear Law with International Law Including European Law is the topic of the five-days Regional Workshop of the International Atomic Energy Agency /IAEA/ which was opened in the Large Conference Hall. The Forum was organized by the UNWE jointly with the IAEA as part of the IAEA Technical Cooperation /TC/ project INT0096 - Establishing and Enhancing National Legal Frameworks for Safe, Secure and Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy and Ionizing Radiation. The participants in the Workshop were representatives of institutions and experts from different countries nominated for the event by the IAEA, experts from the Bulgarian Nuclear Regulatory Agency /BNRA/ and Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant, students and lecturers from the speciality Economics of Defence and Security, specialization Nuclear Security.

Senior Res. Assoc. Lachezar Kostov, BNRA Chairman, Mr. Wolfram Tonhauser, Head of the Nuclear and Treaty Law Section, IAEA Office of Legal Affairs, Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrov, Rector of UNWE, Mr. Anthony Wetherall, Legal Officer at the Nuclear and Treaty Law Section, Mrs. Sandra Marie Steyskal, Section Head, Division for Europe of the IAEA Department of Technical Cooperation /from the left to the right/ 
Opening of the Workshop

Prof. Dimitar Dimitrov, Rector of UNWE and Head of the National and Regional Security Department greeted the guests and participants in the Workshop and outlined the significance of the topic for the nuclear security development in global scale. He pointed out that choosing the UNWE in the eve of its 100 Anniversary as host of the event had its reason. In the academic year 2015/2016 as a result of Cooperation Agreement in the field of education and scientific research concluded between the UNWE and IAEA, at the University was started the international Master`s degree programme Economics of Defence and Security, specialization Nuclear Security – the only one specialized programme on nuclear security in the world educating students from Bulgaria, Nigeria, Lebanon, Zambia, Jordan, Burkina Faso, Congo, Sudan, Mauritania, Uganda /part of them are IAEA scholarship students/. The Rector expressed his confidence that the Workshop would contribute to find solutions for strengthening the national nuclear legislations.

The Rector is greeting the guests and participants in the Workshop

Mr. Wolfram Tonhauser congratulated Prof. Dimitrov on the occasion of his election as Rector of UNWE and greeted the participants in the Forum on behalf of IAEA. He pointed out that the event had been organized in the context of IAEA Legislative Assistance Programme and outlined its major objectives: awareness among IAEA member states of the international instruments in the nuclear security field, assistance to them in complying with their international obligations and commitments as well as with the drafting of national nuclear legislations corresponding to the international nuclear legal framework.

Mr. Wolfram Tonhauser /the second man from left to the right/

Mr. Lachezar Kostov greeted the guests and participants in the Workshop on behalf of BNRA and outlined the importance of the topic. The Forum will contribute to providing more clarity and knowledge on the issues related to the harmonization of national nuclear legislations of IAEA member states with the international and European nuclear law, pointed out Mr. Kostov and expressed his confidence in the positive results of the Workshop.

Mr. Lachezar Kostov

The Rector presented a Greeting letter on the occasion of the Workshop by Mrs. Mariana Nikolova, Vice Prime Minister for Economic and Demographic policy.

In the Large Conference Hall

In the Workshop sessions were included lectures and discussions on issues related to the implementation of IAEA Legislative Assistance Programme, international legal framework for nuclear security, implementation of EU directives regarding the nuclear security and safety standards as well as nuclear law developments and challenges.

Reports were delivered by experts from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, etc.

Participants in the Workshop

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