Lecturers from the FAF Participated in the ICAEW – Annual Higher Education Conference 2019

Monday, 21 January 2019 17:10

At the invitation of the Institute of Certified Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) Prof. Snezhana Basheva, Dean of the Finance and Accountancy Faculty (FAF) and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mihail Musov, Coordinator for the Memorandum of Cooperation between the UNWE and ICAEW took part in the Annual Higher Education Conference 2019 held on 17 January in London, UK. The Forum was focused on the enhancement of teaching quality, more active integration of culture and ethics in the accounting education, incorporation of games approach in teaching the Basis of Accounting, changes in the employers requirements to the graduates in the field of finance, accounting and financial control, etc.

Prof. Snezhana Basheva, Mrs. Judy Dimmock, Head of Accreditation at ICAEW and Assoc. Prof. Mihail Musov (from the left to the right)

Prof. Basheva and Assoc. Prof. Musov took part in the discussions during the Conference and held working meetings with Mrs. Judy Dimmock FCA – Head of Accreditation at ICAEW and Mrs. Sophie Hayes – Marketing & Business Development Executive at ICAEW.

The conversations were focused on the following objectives:

- to confirm the accreditation by the ICAEW for the Master`s degree specialty Accountancy, Financial Control and Finance with English language teaching. For the students graduating from the speciality the ICAEW recognizes five of its modules for qualification as follows: Management Information, Financial Management, Principles of Taxation, Business, Technology and Finance as well as Assurance;

- to confirm the removal of the fee of 165 GBR to access the ICAEW platform for all UNWE students. Thus the platform provides for our students a free access to training in Excel, webinars, announcements for a job and the ICAEW library resources;

- to achieve an agreement about providing for the UNWE an academic literature on all the eight modules in the EQD of Bachelor and EQD of Master accredited by the ICAEW;

- to clarify the joint upcoming events in 2019.

More information about the international accreditations in the field of accounting, finance and financial control can be found on the Accountancy and Analysis Department webpage

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