Scientific Conference: Bulgaria: 140 Years of Modern Statehood

Over its 28 years of history the Political Science Department has established a tradition in the organization and conduction of university, national and international forums. Ten years ago the Department marked the 130th Anniversary of the Liberation of Bulgaria and the recovery of Bulgarian statehood. Today we continue the tradition, said at the opening of the Scientific Conference devoted to Bulgaria: 140 Years of Modern Statehood Assoc. Prof. Dr. Blaga Blagoeva, Head of the Political Science Department – organizer of the event.

In the Forum took part scientists from the UNWE, St. Climent Ohridsky University of Sofia, New Bulgarian University, University of Veliko Tarnovo, Free University of Varna, Free University of Bourgas, University of Library Studies and Information Technologies (UNIBIT), Bulgarian Academy of Science (BAS), representatives from abroad, students and pupils. In the world of dynamics, crises, uncertainty and loss of values the only support to our national being could be our roots and history. It is worthy to talk about the modern Bulgarian statehood, declared Assoc. Prof. Blagoeva.

Prof. D.Sc. (Hist.) Trendafil Mitev, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elena Simeonova, Scientific Secretary of the Political Science Department, the Rector Prof. D.Sc.(Econ.) Statty Stattev, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Blaga Blagoeva, Prof. Dr. Georgy Yankov (from the right to the left)

The Forum is impressive for its organization and significance because we have invited representatives from the various circles of society to take part in it. We expect serious research results which should also be presented to the interesting institutions, said the Rector Prof. D.Sc.(Econ.) Statty Stattev.

In the Large Conference Hall

Prof. Stattev reminded the idea for establishment of Anti-Corruption Academy at the UNWE. The issues of corruption should be studied profoundly and a debate in the society should be held. As a macroeconomist I will give for example the insurance that lives its own life because people remember about it only when they are damaged by natural disaster of accident. Lots of things are at the boundary between the history and various aspects of society but there is lack of analyses of what happens, pointed out the Rector.  

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Igor Damyanov, Dean of the International Economics and Politics Department the issues mentioned by the Rector should be analyzed in historic aspect as well as in terms of actuality. 140 years is a significant age for statehood. The modern things are always associated with something essentially different. There are lots of aspects – in terms of history as well as in terms of national psychology, language culture, psychology, history, etc. It is a good sign that lots of young people interesting in the topic attend at the Conference, declared Assoc. Prof. Damyanov.

Assoc. Prof. Igor Damyanov and Prof. Trendafil Mitev (from the right to the left)

Prof. Trendafil Mitev spoke about the difficult beginning of the modern Bulgarian statehood and further country development interrupted over the Turkish yoke.

The founder of the Political Science Department Prof. Dr. Georgy Yankov, Professor Emerutus of UNWE presented his research about the most successful Bulgarian Prime Ministers since 1879 to 2009 including 31 prime ministers governing more than 1 year.

Prof. Dr. Georgy Yankov

Reports were also presented by others scientists from the UNWE and from universities in Sofia and in the country. 

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