3000 Students from the UNWE Participated in the Project "Student Practices – Phase 1"

Monday, 21 May 2018 20:45

Over the period 2016-2018 three thousand (3000) students from the UNWE have taken part in the project BG05M20P001-2.002 – Student Practices – Phase 1 (http://praktiki.mon.bg/sp) on the Operational Programme Science and Education for Smart Growth 2014-2020. 382 contracts with organizations-employers and 634 contracts with mentors had been concluded. For the full term of the project the total number of contracts concluded with students is 3054.

Conclusion of contracts

The main project objectives are:

  • to support the improvement of educational quality providing the opportunities to obtain practical experience and improve the practical skill of students from universities in compliance with the labour market demands;
  • to facilitate the transition from educational institutions to the workplace and to enhance the successful realization of young people at the labour market;
  • to support and encourage the development of stable partnership between the educational institutions and the business;
  • to increase the incentives of students to participate in additional practical training in a real working environment;
  • to stimulate the growth of the number of students who find a job right after graduation;
  • to provide prerequisites to modernize the curricula as well as the academic disciplines, courses and themes according to the labour market demands;
  • to support the creation of sustainable mechanisms and opportunities to employers for selection of students approved their skills in a real working environment and their immediate inclusion in the labour market.

The practical training corresponds to the speciality or professional field studied by the student (professional fields or area of higher education). It is in the frameworks of 240 (astronomic) hours in a real working environment for implementation of tasks entrusted by the training organization in accordance with intentionally prepared programme.

Students and mentors in a real working environment

For the successfully completed practical training each student is paid a single scholarship on the amount of 480 BGN and it is issued a certificate signed by the Head of the project from the Ministry of Education and Science and from the UNWE.

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