Opening Conference on the Project BGо5M2OPоо1-2.009-0012

Tuesday, 19 December 2017 15:10

Opening Conference on the project BGо5M2OPоо1-2.009-0012 – Enhancement of the UNWE Research Potential and Improvement of the Conditions for Scientific Research – Investment with Many Dimensions was held in the Large Conference Hall. In the event took part Prof. Dr. Valentin Goev, Vice Rector for Scientific Research Activity and Head of the project, Prof. Stanka Tonkova, Director of the Center for Research Educational Projects and Project Coordinator, Zlatina Karova, Director of Science Directorate at the Ministry of Education and Science, Krasimir Dimitrov, Director of Legal Service and Public Procurements Directorate of the university, students and lecturers.  

Zlatina Karova, Prof. Stanka Tonkova, Prof. Valentin Goev, Krasimir Dimitrov, (from the left to the right)

I would like to express thankfulness to the participants for their serious treatment and large interest. Those who wished to take part in the project were more than the announced positions. We try to meet the expectations and confidence to us so we work hard for it, outlined Prof. Goev. 

Prof. Goev

The Project Coordinator Prof. Tonkova presented the major activities for the period 14 April 2017 – 31 December 2018. The budget for the project is 650 287, 99 BGN, 85% of it - European co-financing and 15% - national co-financing. 

Prof. Tonkova 

The major project objective is to develop the UNWE scientific research potential and turn it into a modern center for education, research and innovations. Better preparation of undergraduates and Doctoral students, enhancement of qualification of lecturers and creation of stimulating environment for resultative scientific research are also among the project objectives. 

Participants in the project

The six project activities are: Development and improvement of transversal skills, Scientific and research mobility abroad, Dissemination of scientific knowledge, Access to modern scientific content, Information and communication, Project management and organization.

During the Conference

The expected project results are: development of skills for independent scientific activity of young generation of researchers, enhancement of the research quality, accumulation of modern knowledge, research results achieved in the field of academic content of lecturing courses, enhancement of publication activity for wide dissemination among the international scientific community, creation of stimulating environment for resultative scientific research and the increase of the attractiveness of research career. 

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