The Rector of UNWE Paid an Official Visit to Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Tuesday, 12 December 2017 12:45

The Rector of UNWE Prof. D.Sc.(Econ.) Statty Stattev, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Rectors of Higher Education Institutions in the Republic of Bulgaria paid an official visit to Shaghai Jiao Tong University from 27 to 30 November of the current year.

Prof. Stattev met and talked with Prof. Ma Dexiu, Honorary Chairperson of the University Council and former Rector of Shaghai Jiao Tong University, Vice Chairperson of the National Committee of Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports of China, Prof. Lin Zhongqin, Rector of Jiao Tong University and Prof. Huang Zhen, Vice Rector of the university.  

Prof. Ma Dexiu, Prof.D.Sc.(Econ.) Statty Stattev, Prof. Lin Zhongqin and Prof. Huang Zhen (from the left to the right)

During the conversations was identified a number of actions on the ground of Agreement concluded for the further development of cooperation between the Shanghai University Jiao Tong and the UNWE as well as between the Jiao Tong University and other Bulgarian universities. The Agreement provisions the functioning of Chinese Bulgarian Center seated in Shanghai and an affiliate of UNWE which is Coordinator for the relations with Bulgarian universities.

In relation to the 7th Annual Meeting of Heads of Government of Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC) and China (known as 16+1) in Sofia in May 2018 it was accepted the suggestion made by Prof. Stattev to transform the Chinese Bulgarian Center into Chinese Central and East European Center and the affiliate at the UNWE to organize its activities in the Central and Eastern Europe.

Prof. Stattev was approved a mandate for the UNWE to initiate the creation of Inter-University Network of Universities and Scientific Organizations in the format 16+1 (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia + China). The project will be started in a forum at the UNWE in May 2018 during the Bulgarian host of the Annual Meeting 16+1.

It was decided to enhance the students and lecturers mobility at both universities through the financial support by Jiao Tong University and the Erasmus+ Programme.

For their contribution to the development of cooperation between both universities the Rector of UNWE Prof. Stattev awarded to Prof. Zhongqin, Prof. Dexiu and Prof. Zhen Certificates and Commemorative Medals of Prof. Stephan Bobchev – Founder and First Rector of UNWE (in the pictures below: from the left to the right)

The Rector Prof. Stattev and the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management agreed to unify the academic plans for Master`s degree programmes in International Business at both universities and to open the programmes for Chinese and Bulgarian students during the following academic year. It is provisioned for the successfully graduated Master`s degree students to obtain diplomas from both universities on the base of mutual recognition of credits. During the first two semesters the students will study in their own country, during the third semester the Chinese students will study at the UNWE and the Bulgarian ones – at the Shanghai University Jiao Tong.

Prof. Stattev delivered a public lecture on the EU Macroeconomics, Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU and West Balkans at the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance organized by the Chinese Academy of Financial Research (CAFR) and the Faculty of Economics and Management of Jiao Tong University (in the picture below)

The lecture was followed by an intense discussion on the future of the EU and the Eurozone, consequences of Brexit and the forthcoming adoption of the West Balkans countries in the EU, future of the Chinese investment in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and particularly in Bulgaria. After the lecture and discussion the Rector Prof. Stattev was greeted by Prof. Chun Chang, Dean of the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (in the picture below).

Congratulations and gratitude to Prof. Stattev

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