Discussion: Ten Years Bulgaria in the EU and the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council

Thursday, 02 November 2017 14:50

The Student Council of UNWE in a partnership with the Regional Governor's Administration - Sofia City organized a public discussion under the title Ten Years Bulgaria in the EU and the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council which was held in the Large Conference Hall. At the Forum attended Assoc. Prof. Dr. Milanka Slavova, Vice Rector for Education in the EQD of Bachelor and Lifelong Learning, Monika Panayotova, Deputy Minister of the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council and graduate of UNWE, Dimitar Dilchev, Mayor of Student District, Nikolay Pehlivanov, Regional Governor of Sofia Region, Pepi Dimitrova, expert Communications at the Regional Governor's Administration - Sofia City, moderator of the Forum, Kristian Madzhurov, Chairman of the Student Council, Doctoral student Daniel Parushev, Chairman of the Student Senate, students and guests. 

 At the opening of the Forum
In the Large Conference Hall

I am glad to see the Hall crowded with people today, said to the attendees Kristian Madzhurov. Certainly it will be a useful public lecture for the students of UNWE. He added that the topic is interesting and exciting to the young people. 

Kristian Madzhurov

Assoc. Prof. Slavova greeted the attendees on behalf of the Rector of UNWE Prof. D.Sc.(Econ.) Statty Stattev. It is an exceptional opportunity for the students to know about all important details related to our Presidency, said the Vice Rector. Our membership in the EU is related to many responsibilities and sometimes we can`t manage with them, outlined Assoc. Prof. Slavova and added that during the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council we should prove that apart of the traditions Bulgaria has also lots of young people ready to work for the European idea. The Vice Rector expressed her conviction that the students would be part of the worthy representatives of our country.   

Assoc. Prof. Milanka Slavova

The Deputy Minister Monika Panayotova expressed her thankfulness for the warm meeting and shared that she would always feel the UNWE as her own home. The first six months of the next year are exceptionally important for our country, pointed out Panayotova. According to her after the Accession of Bulgaria in the EU and NATO it would be the following examination for our country. 

During the discussion

We are in a delicate period at the end of the European institutions mandate and the pressure and expectations to our country will be huge, outlined the Deputy Minister. She emphasized on some major points related to our ten years membership in the EU. It was and it is still a key period because it is related to the opportunities for development and growth but it is meanwhile full of responsibilities, pointed out Panayotova and added that the EU had given the opportunity to belong to a family, to have European identity, to share ideas not only among the fellow citizens but also in the frameworks of the EU. 

Моника Панайотова

According to the words of the Deputy Minister Bulgaria should address an epistle to the rest of the Europeans who had been hesitated about the opportunities of the European unification. She emphasized on the motto chosen for the Bulgarian Presidency: Union Makes the Power. Security, solidarity and stability are needed today and we achieve them through consensus, competitiveness and cohesion, explained Panayotova. She featured also the major priorities of the Bulgarian Presidency: the future of Europe and young people, investment and social cohesion, European perspective related to the West Balkans, security and stability in a stronger and united Europe, types of economy and the skills of XXI century.

I am glad that the Hall is crowded with people and there is such interest to our event, pointed out Nikolay Pehlivanov. It is an exceptionally important communication with the students because you are the essential part of our society, said to the attendees Pehlivanov. According to his words the future is in the young people and so they should be completely informed about the internal and external policy of the country. Thus you will give your contribution to the Bulgarian economy and politics, outlined Pehlivanov. 

Nikolay Pehlivanov

Dimitar Dilchev defined the topic of the discussion as interesting and expressed his thankfulness to the organizers and especially to the Student Council for the active cooperation. It will be a challenge to me to present Sofia to Europe, added Dilchev. 

Dimitar Dilchev

In her presentation Pepi Dimitrova examined the economic effects of the Bulgarian membership in the EU, spoke about the functions of the EU Council and explained the importance of rotational Presidency as well as the opportunities opened to Bulgaria by it.

The Forum continued with discussion between the students and the guests. 

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