Informational Meeting for Students Exchange between the UNWE and the Tilburg University, Netherlands on the Erasmus+ Programme

Thursday, 26 October 2017 16:05

Informational meeting with Laura van Bochove from the International Recruitment Department of the Tilburg University, Netherlands was held at the UNWE. In the Scientific Councils Hall the lecturer presented the opportunities for students exchange on the Erasmus+ Programme between the UNWE and the Netherlands University.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ekaterina Tosheva, Director of the University Center for Students and Lecturers Mobility presented Laura van Bochove and opened the meeting. 

In the Scientific Councils Hall

In a short video Laura van Bochove presented Netherlands and through a quiz the students learnt more about the country, temperament and traditions of Dutch people, their national holiday and their traditional ten days carnival – the largest one in Europe. She spoke about the Dutch principles of adopting the foreign students: equal treatment, tolerance, hard work, direct and clear communication, accuracy. 

Laura van Bochove

In her presentation about the Tilburg University the guest-lecturer presented the educational opportunities and educational quality, Master`s degree programmes, opportunities for accommodation as well as for career development of students. She examined the educational programmes in English, internationality of students at the university, excellent innovative education and opportunities for professional realization. 

The entertaining educational quiz

The Tilburg University is one of the leading universities of legal, business and economic studies in Europe. It has been established in 1927 and nowadays it relies on its longstanding experience and strong traditions in lecturing as it encourages the academic development of students and prepares them in compliance with the professional requirements of modern world. The University has excellent facilities for scientific research and cooperation agreements with more than 100 foreign universities as the Cornell University, New York, University of Barcelona, Glasgow University, National University of Singapore, Peking University in Beijing, etc. The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration is the largest of the six university faculties and it is accredited by the AACSB International - the world’s largest business education network, the highest recognition for achievements of business universities in the world. The Tilburg University is at the top in the European ranking for research in the field of economics (according to the European Economic Association), it occupies the third place for research in the field of business and it has been chosen as the best specialized university in Netherlands in the field of International and European Law (Higher Education Guide) over the last few years.

The exchange of students between the UNWE and Tilburg University is implemented by the direct assistance of the University Center for Students and Lecturers Mobility.

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