Bulgarian and British Diploma of The Joint Master`s Degree Programme between The UNWE and Nottingham Trent University

Monday, 13 February 2017 10:40

For presenting the joint Master`s degree programme in European Business and Finance between the UNWE and Nottingham Trent University it was held an informational meeting with Assoc. Prof. Emil Helienek, International Director of the Programme and Assist. Dr. Diana Miteva, Director and Coordinator of the Programme.

During the event it was clarified that the joint Master`s degree programme is implemented in the frameworks of four semesters, two of them – in Bulgaria, the third one – at the Nottingham Trent University and the fourth semester includes a compulsory internship and preparation of Master`s thesis. “It is a chance for you to obtain Bulgarian as well as a legal British diploma”, pointed out Dr. Miteva and added that the education had been completely structured on the standards of British educational system. She outlined that the UNWE had participated in the Programme since 2007 so far and it had been the tenth alumni of the programme. In the Programme take part also the Technical University of Brno, Czech Republic and the Economic University of Katowice, Poland. Students from the three countries – Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Poland study at the Nottingham Trent University during the third semester.

Dr. Miteva and Assoc. Prof. Helienek are presenting the Programme

The professional realization of graduates of the Programme is one hundred percentages and more of them work at large international companies. The education in English language in small groups, personal attention and attitude as well as the schedule comfortable to the working students are only a small part of the advantages which Dr. Miteva outlined about the Programme.

The admission for the Programme is implemented in September and the prospective students go in for unified entrance examination for Master`s degree programmes as well as examination in English language.

During the meeting

The education at the Nottingham Trent University is three months, clarified Dr. Miteva. She outlined that the lessons are implemented from Monday to Friday and the presence is compulsory. Students are accommodated in dormitories, lodgings or houses of Bulgarian families. About the finance the Coordinator of the Programme explained that the tuition fee for the first and second semester in Bulgaria is 1800 BGN and in Britain – 2650 pounds. For the fourth semester it is 250 BGN. There are also opportunities for scholarship on the Erasmus+ Programme and it can be given to the first six Master`s degree students. They can also obtain European scholarship. “At the moment we are working also for granting a government order of Master`s degree education”, said Dr. Miteva.

Assoc. Prof. Helienek

“Nottingham is one of the best cities for living”, pointed out Assoc. Prof. Helienek. It is a culture, sports and economic center and more than 60 000 students study in it. About the Nottingham Trent University he pointed out that it had been one of the leaders in the UK. It was established in 1843 and in the present more than 24 000 students study at nine faculties. “The foreign students come from 80 different countries”, emphasized the International Director of the Programme and talked about the accreditations and partners of the university. The attendees in the hall looked through photos of the city and university campuses.

“The Programme at the UNWE is structured very reasonably and each component has its fundamental reflection later”, shared Damyan Iliev, who has graduated from the Programme in 2016. According to his words the education is completely comfortable to the working students and the quality of teaching has exceeded his expectations. “I feel absolutely noble envy to the new departing students”, outlined Damyan Iliev and defined all he has experienced as an adventure in which he would embark again with pleasure. At the Nottingham Trent the opportunities for personal development are practically unlimited in every aspect – academic, practical, geographical. About his personal experience Damyan says that the diploma is recognized everywhere and certainly guarantees a call from the employer. He himself will soon began working at one of the most prestigious companies for business and financial services in the world and the Master`s degree programme has a great contribution to it.

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