UNWE General Assembly Gave Positive Assessment for The Activity of The Rectors Managing Body

Tuesday, 20 December 2016 15:15

Over the current year we have proved again that in hard times we have the potential and courage to cope with the challenges without compromising the academic principles and values and quality of educational and scientific research activity. That`s why despite the dynamic social and economic environment and despite the challenges the UNWE continue being an authoritative educational and scientific research institution respected and appreciated by the state institutions, business, non-governmental sector, public as well as the academic community in our country and abroad, declared to UNWE General Assembly, delegates, former Rectors and guests in Maxima Aula the Rector Prof. D.Sc.(Econ.) Statty Stattev.

In Maxima Aula

At the honorary presidium were Prof. D.Sc.(Econ.) Statty Stattev, Rector of UNWE, Prof. Dr. Lalko Dulevsky, Chairman of the General Assembly, Prof. Dr. Blagoy Kolev, Academic Ombudsman, Prof. Dr. Margarita Atanasova, Deputy Chairwoman of the General Assembly, Prof. Dr. Violeta Tsakova, Chairwoman of the Control Council, Denis Dimitrov, Chairman of the Student Council.

The work of the General Assembly was led by its Chairman Prof. Dr. Lalko Dulevsky.

Prof. Atanasova, Prof. Dulevsky, Prof. Stattev, Prof. Tsakova, Prof. Kolev, Denis Dimitrov (from the left to the right) at the opening of the General Assembly

In the General Assembly agenda was included the report of the Rectors Managing Body about the period December 2015 – December 2016, the report of the Control Council, etc. For the first time during the General Assembly Certificates and Plaques were officially awarded to the lecturers honoured with the title of Honorary Professor of UNWE and Professor Emeritus of UNWE as well as to the lecturers acquired in the current year the academic position of Professor and Associate Professor. Click here

Delegates are voting

The report of the Rectors Managing Body was given to the delegates in advance so Prof. Stattev emphasized only on the more important facts of the implementation of the mandate programme. As the most important the Rector pointed out the financial stability in 2016 and the increased budget for 2017 by nearly one million leva.

Prof. D.Sc.(Econ.) Statty Stattev is presenting the report of the Rectors Managing Body

In the academic activity the UNWE has approved as the largest university in Bulgaria, the only university having 21 thousand students (21 880 in the academic year 2015/2016 and probably more than 22 thousand in the current academic year), as the largest business university in Southeastern Europe, said Prof. Stattev. He pointed out as comparison that only three Bulgarian universities had had between 10 000 and 20 000 students – St. Climent Ohridsky University of Sofia (about 19 000 students), Technical University (16 000 students) and University of Plovdiv (12 000 students). The rest 47 universities had had less than 10 000 students. The Rector reported that in the new academic year the new students in state and paid admission and Doctoral students had been nearly 7000. We have developed a modern campaign for admission of students and Doctoral students and continue to improve Master`s degree programmes as well as to optimize the academic schedule, outlined Prof. Stattev.

During the session of the General Assembly

The Rector outlined that in the field of scientific research activity the university had continued to occupy new positions, the process of our scientific editions indexation had been successful and the citing had increased. Only the UNWE and the University of Sofia have won three projects to the Scientific Research Fund, pointed out Prof. Stattev. We expect to manage and participate in one center for top achievements and in two centers for competence financed by the EU. We expect also the Ministers Council Decree for opening three institutes – Institute of Economics and Policy, Institute of Creative Industry and Business and Institute of Entrepreneurship, featured the future positions Prof. Stattev. He also outlined that the scientific research centers had actively worked and the number of students and Doctoral students participating in scientific projects and forums had been increased.

Prof. Stattev examined also the active contractual relations of UNWE with the state institutions and business providing an opportunity for more and more student internship programmes and workplaces for the graduates.

The electronization and administration of academic process is coming to its end, outlined the Rector. After the electronic exams, protocols and electronic books in 2017 the students of UNWE will receive also their first Electronic Student Books. It will be the first Electronic Student Book in Bulgaria and that`s not all, emphasized Prof. Stattev. He pointed out that a new academic corpus of nearly 10 000 square kilometers build-up area would be build, the old corpuses would be repaired and the lightening installation would be changed by replacing it with own production of electricity, etc.    


Thus the situation seems optimistic, resumed the Rector. But we should have in mind that hard times are coming, reminded he and specified: “we all know how hard is to become first but we also know that it is more difficult to stay at the top. So we need stability, consolidation, trust, responsibility and dedication more than ever”.

We need stability – institutional, structural (strong relations between the Faculties and Departments), interpersonal – respectful and ethical relations between all members of academic staff, between us and our officials and students, outlined Prof. Stattev. He emphasized that it is needed a consolidation – at the Departments, Faculties, Directorates and Divisions, between all members of academic community. Five years ago when you passed a vote of confidence on me I declared that people at the UNWE are not occasional. Each of us is special and have own authority in teaching and science. Now I can confirm it, explicitly said the Rector. We need trust – in our own strength, in our colleagues, in our skills and professionalism. We need responsibility – to our duties, to the given word and engagements, to our Department and Faculty, to our students, to our collective work and to UNWE, declared the Rector.

The stability, consolidation, trust and responsibility are the basis to work more for the UNWE, to be more dedicated to the UNWE in order “to go always firmly in the way of improvement and to have absolute faith in the usefulness of our deed” as our founder and first Rector Prof. Stephan Bobchev has taught to us. I have an absolute faith in the usefulness of our deed and I am convinced that each of us and all together have absolute faith in the usefulness of our deed, emphasized Prof. Stattev.

The report about the activity of the Control Council was delivered by the Chairwoman Prof. Dr. Violeta Tsakova (in the picture below).

The General Assembly gave positive assessment of the activity implemented by the Rectors Managing Body, voted the changes in the Activity Rules of UNWE and filled the number of the Control Council members.

For the first time the delegates of the General Assembly voted electronically

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