Third International Conference on The Modern Tendencies, Issues and Innovations in The Physical Education and Sport at The Universities

Monday, 28 November 2016 11:10

Third International Conference on the Modern Tendencies, Issues and Innovations in the Physical Education and Sport at the Universities was organized by the Physical Education and Sport Department under the patronage of the Rector of UNWE Prof. D.Sc.(Econ.) Statty Stattev. In the Scientific Forum took part lecturers from the UNWE, National Sport Academy, St. Climent University of Sofia, St. Ivan Rilski University of Mining and Geology, University of Forestry, Sofia, University of Veliko Tarnovo, Economic University of Varna, Technical University of Gabrovo as well as representatives of the universities in the Republic of Macedonia, Albania, Greece, etc.

In the Large Conference Hall

At the Forum in the Large Conference Hall attended Prof. Dr. Valentin Goev, Vice Rector for Scientific Research Activity, Sen. Lect. Dr. Spas Stavrev, Head of the Physical Education and Sport Department, Prof. Alexander Naumovski, Chaiman of the Federation of Sports Pedagogues of the Republic of Macedonia, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Maria Markova, Vice Dean for the Business Faculty Scientific Research Activity, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Venelin Boshnakov, Secretary General for Science, etc.

Prof. Goev, Dr. Stavrev, Prof. Naumovki, Assoc. Prof. Markova, Assoc. Prof. Boshnakov (from the left to the right)

On behalf of the Rector Prof. Statev and personally on his behalf Prof. Goev greeted the participants in the Conference. Third issue of the Forum means that it has become regular and demonstrates the progress of the Department in the scientific research activity, pointed out the Vice Rector. The achievements of the university in the sport are large and impressive and very important is also the scientific success of the Department where seven lecturers has already obtained Doctoral degree, added Prof. Goev and wished successful future steps. Our sport Department is a worthy member of the university academic family, outlined the Vice Rector.

During the Conference

Greetings on behalf of the Federation of Sports Pedagogues of the Republic of Macedonia were addressed by its Chairman Prof. Naumovski. He pointed out that the Conference had been traditional and the results of the Forum had been significant. He spoke about the exchange of scientific articles in the Bulgarian and Macedonian editions and about the cooperation in that field.

Prof. Goev is greeting the participants in the Forum. On the right: Dr. Stavrev and Prof. Naumovski

Success and good scientific ideas to the Forum wished also Assoc. Prof. Markova who defined the Conference reports as serious scientific approaches with practical realization. The Department is worthy and progressive member of the Business Faculty contributing to its scientific activity, outlined Prof. Markova.


Greeting addresses to the Forum organizers were received by the Sport Department of St. Climent Ohridski University of Sofia, UNWE Law Faculty, National Sport Academy, Assoc. Prof. Simeonova on behalf of the Political Sciences Department, etc. In his greeting speech as Head of the Entrepreneurship Department Prof. Kiril Todorov outlined that there had been many entrepreneurial initiatives and management in the sport. 

Sen. Lect. Dr. Spas Stavrev is speaking about the scientific research at the Department

The major report on the Scientific Research Directions at the Physical Education and Sport Department of UNWE in the Period 1989 – 2016 was delivered by Sen. Lect. Dr. Spas Stavrev. He examined the development over the years and made an analysis of results, publications in scientific magazines, participations in forums, etc. Seven dissertation theses has been defended so far, two monographs are written, 97 articles are published in various editions, resumed the achievements the Head of Department. 

Participants in the Forum in front of the monument of Prof. Stephan Bobchev

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