Public Lecture by H.E. Nargiz Gurbanova, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Bulgaria

Tuesday, 22 November 2016 9:10

At the university was held a public lecture by H. E. Nargiz Gurbanova, Doctor in Philosophy, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Republic of Bulgaria on the Multiculturalism as a Way of Life in Azerbaijan. The event was organized by the Political Science Department.

At the opening of the public lecture. Assoc. Prof. Blagoeva, H. E. Gurbanova and Assoc. Prof. Simeonova (from the right to the left)

Greeting words to the guest-lecturer and attendees in the hall were addressed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Blaga Blagoeva, Head of the Political Science Department who declared that the multiculturalism had become more and more discussed topic because of the necessity to give a new meaning to the culture values in the newly formed world situation. She announced that the event had been the beginning of a series of lectures which the Political Science Department would organize on hot topics with representatives of the international political and culture elite.

In the Ceremonial Hall

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Simeonova, Scientific Secretary of the Department presented briefly H. E. Gurbanova. She has a Doctoral degree in Philosophy from the University of Vienna, Austria, Master`s degree in International Management from the Western University, Azerbaijan and she has specialized International Business and International Law. She served as Director of the Department for Economic Cooperation and Development at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan and was responsible for promoting Azerbaijan’s economic agenda abroad, partnership with global and regional economic organizations, cooperation with the European Union, as well as strengthening bilateral economic relations and regional economic cooperation. In her capacity as Deputy Sherpa, Dr. Gurbanova also contributed to Azerbaijan’s first-ever participation as a guest country in the work of G20 in the framework of the Turkish Presidency in 2015.

H. E. Nargiz Gurbanova

H.E. Nargiz Gurbanova presented structurally the phenomena multiculturalism as a concept and principles of assessment, recognition and promotion of religious, ethnic, culture and racial belongings of people. She pointed out that Azerbaijan had been recognized as a model of a country built on the grounds of multiculturalism and tolerance which had been conditioned by the fact that the people of the country had had various religious, ethnic and culture belongings so in a historical plan the multiculturalism had been an exceptional specific of Azerbaijan culture.

During the public lecture

The multiculturalism is a university discipline in Azerbaijan and as a concept it is set and practically applied in the state government. In April of the current year for the implementation of the 7th Global Forum of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations in Azerbaijan has been established also an International Center for Multiculturalism and 2016 has been announced as the Year of Multiculturalism.

Participants in the meeting

The multiculturalism has already got not only into the political life of the country but also in all spheres of life – art, culture, pointed out H. E. Nargiz Gurbanova. In Azerbaijan various religious communities including a Christian community co-exist in peace and harmony. There can be seen churches, synagogues, mosques as well as historical sights and art masterpieces having various culture belonging. For the building up and promotion of respect to the diversities a large number of festivals are held in the country and the largest one of them is the Spring Festival which unites all the people in the celebration of coming spring no matter of their religious and ethnic belongings.

In conclusion H. E. Nargiz Gurbanova cited the President Ilham Aliyev according to whom the multiculturalism is not only a state policy but a way of life in Azerbaijan.

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