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PUBLIC INVITATION for selection of Associate partners

Thursday, 01 December 2016 13:42

In connection to project for Center of Competence in the area of Informatics and ICT under Programme “SCIENCE AND EDUCATION FOR SMART GROWTH” 2014-2020, procedure BG05M2OP001-1.002 „CREATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF CENTRES OF COMPETENCE“, a consortium under heading of UNWE announces procedure for selection of Associate partners.

The associate partners candidates can be organization either from the type of R&D institutions (including universities), or from the type business companies (corporates, innovation clusters, Technology parks, municipalities, agencies, etc.), with separate application for each type of organization.

In  URL  are all necessary documents for the application and information related to the Invitation, which are inseparable part of the current Invitation: Declaration for participation, Criteria and Methodology for evaluation and Declaration for partnership*, which have to be filled and signed from the candidates of the associate partners.

The candidate for an associated partner has to present his Offer on a Company Letterhead document signed and sealed.  To be evaluated, the Offer has to have all the required information and to be sent via electronic scanned documents to  or sent as paper documents to the address: UNWE, Sofia 1700, 8 December str. Student Town, room 502, not later than 09 December 2016.

The Associate partners will be selected from the candidates according this Invitation, without any additional conditions.

The selected Associate partners will be announced publicly and they will be invited to sign an Agreement for partnership.


Declaration for partnership (template declaration by Operational Programme “Science and Education for Smart Growth” 2014-2020) mentioned in “PUBLIC INVITATION for selection of Associate partners” is provided for informational purposes only. Following the completion of the procedure for selection of Associate partners, the selected organizations will be invited to sign the declaration.

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