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№ ДДОКФ02/2

Project number
DOCF 09001
Project subject
From project management towards programme management: system management approach for achieving competitive advantages and sustainable development
Project term of execution
Short description
In the course of the project   theoretical and business sources in the field of programme and project management will be surveyed.     The survey will be focused on the interplay  between  the  programme and project management  on one hand, and  competitive advantages(company level, sector level and country level) and sustainable development, on the other.      Theoretical study will be backed by field researches   about the implementation of the programme and project management within  Bulgarian companies. 
Expected results description including publications
The main goal of the project is to  support the elaboration and the defence of the doctoral thesis of a young researcher.   Another very important deliveries of the project   are the scientific based suggestions  about the improvement of the management approaches and techniques for the efficient use  of EU financial resources.   According the project schedule  some other results are expected on the various project stages: analysis of the  state of the art theory in the field of programmme management and project management; empirical studies on the status quo of the implementation of the above management approaches in Bulgaria and elaboration of proposals for   the business community  how to enhance the implementation  of the programme  management and project management.   The deliveries will be disseminated via conference  papers and other publications.
Project management ,programme management  competitive advantages, sustainable dеvelopment
Project stages
 (terms, results and funding)
First stage :January-December 2010: finance resources- 19210.61 BGN
Second stage: January-December 2011: finance resources- 17591.04 BGN
Third stage: January December 2012 : finance resources -18197.35     Defence of the doctoral thesis
Information about the funding programme
Scientific Researches Fund
Information about an additional funding
Total value of the project
BGN 54999
Total sum granted to UNWE
BGN 25660.90
Information about the responsible subdivision
Information about the partners of the project
UNWE  and  FIMENKO  ltd.
Project manager
Prof Dr.Sc.Bistra  Boeva and Boris Bojadziev
Project body (project team members)
Prof Dr.Sc. Bistra Boeva, Todor Todorov, Boris Bojadziev