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№ ДМУ 02-24

Project number
DMU 02/24
Project subject
Structural changes in food and beverage industry in Bulgaria after 1991
Project term of execution
36 months
Short description
The main aim is to establish the dynamics and to identity the major trends in restructuring and socio-economic transformation of enterprises in the sector of food and beverage in Bulgaria for the years after 1991
Expected results description including publications
Scientific reports that are expected are as follow:
“Structural changes in the food and beverage sector – results of the research and analysis of dynamic (The Case of Bulgaria)”
“Socio-economic, demographic characteristics of the main types of production structures in food and beverage sector in Bulgaria”
Impact of structural changes in the industry sector influencing the market orientation of enterprises from the food industry”
Recommendations for improving the effectiveness of the common policy on food and beverages sector”
Food and beverages sector, structural changes, foods, enterprises
Project stages
(terms, results and funding)
2 stages, 18 months each. 29 050 BGN per stage, 58 100 BGN for the project in total
         Information about the funding programme
Scientific Research Fund “Competition” Young Scientists
         Information about an additional funding
Total value of the project
58 100 BGN
Total sum granted to UNWE
Information about the responsible subdivision
Information about the partners of the project
Project manager
Associated Prof. Dr. Nikolay Sterev
Project body (project team members)
Mayor Assistant Dr. Dimitar Blagoev
Mayor Assistant Dr. Hristina Harisanova
Assistant Ilia Gatovski