The courses will be conducted in a mountain rural complex with covered healthy local food (options for choosing between vegetarian/vegan and, or meat).

It will include3 healthy meals per day with 2 more coffee/tea pauses.


In the total fee for the courses for the whole period of the trainings all food and accommodation is included.


The venue of the courses will be in the rural guest houses Deshka in the village GornoDraglishte. It is situated 13 km northern from the town Razlog and 15 km from the tourist mountain resort Bansko.It is also not far from the village Bania, famous with its mineral waters. GornoDraglishte is in the foot of Rilamountain and is surrounded from two more mountains – Pirin and Rodopi. Eco-paths are starting from the village with options for engaging of educated guides. For second year the owners of the house Deshka are awarded with the prize for “Keeping of traditions”, granted from the Association for development of the Arts and Crafts in Bulgaria.


The rural houses, where the venue of the courses will be, are cozy furnished with double, triple and one room for five people with bath/toilets /self-contained or one common on the floor/, seminar room, veranda, summer garden, kitchen and museum.