The attendance fee for Course I Permaculture Design Course amounts to 975 (nine hundred and seventy five) Euro.

The accommodation and food fee for Course I amounts to 255 Euro (two hundred and fifty five) Euro.A total of 1230 Euros.


The attendance fee for Course II Permaculture Teacher Training Course amounts to 690 (six hundred and ninety) Euro.

The accommodation and food fee for Course II amounts to 120 Euro (one hundred and twenty) Euro. A total of 810 Euros.


If an attendee is registering for both courses from the Summer Programme, an extra fee of one more night for accommodation and food in the amount of 15 (fifteen) Euro in case of needing to be accommodated in the rural houses Deshka during the one free-day between the two courses.


There will be a discount in enrollment for both courses - 110 for PDC and 80 euros TTC - or 190 euros for two courses, if a participant record and two courses one after another.


Not included in the fees are:

-          Costs for issuing of visas and medical/transport insurances, as well as transport to Bulgaria for foreign attendees;

-          Transport costs within Bulgaria to the venue of the courses;

-          Additional initiatives and excursions in the free-time outside of the planned cultural programme within the Summer Programme.


The goal of conducting the courses is not creating a surplus, but spreading the ideas of the permanent agriculture/permanent culture concept to wider groups.